Lea Michele's Secret For Staying Energized All Day

Glee alumna Lea Michele is an all-around accomplished singer, actress, and influencer. Without a doubt, she has accomplished a lot from releasing albums to starring in television shows. So how does she do it all with so much enthusiasm? In an interview with SELF, the star revealed her secrets for staying energized and how she begins her day with a burst of activity to create a waterfall effect of energy that lasts all day long.

In fact, Lea Michele may be the epitome of wellness goals. Us Weekly reports that she takes a 360 degree approach to her wellbeing, which produces energizing effects that allow her to tackle multiple projects and hectic performance schedules on a regular basis. Her wellness routine is as multifaceted as her talent. Michele tells Us Weekly, "It's not one thing, it's not two things, it's a lot of things combined that I feel all together really contribute to making me look and feel my absolute best." Here are her secrets for staying energized and being at her best.

Morning exercise matters

When it comes to exercise, Lea Michele prefers to start her day with a burst of physical activity. She tells SELF, "It's good to do it in the beginning of the day, not just to get it over with but because it gives me such great energy to use for the rest of the day." Some of her favorite workouts include classes at trendy fitness studios including Body by Simone, SoulCycle, and Core Power Yoga. She also goes hiking at least once a week.

Morning exercise comes with a plethora of benefits, including giving you a boost of energy that can last all day (via Health Focus). In addition to increased energy, exercising at the start of your day can enhance your focus, uplift your mood, and prompt you to choose healthier food options, which can further raise your energy levels. Working out earlier in the day can also help you sleep better when you tuck in at night, and a better night's sleep can give you more energy the next day. It's a positive cycle of upping your energy that's totally worth it!

Food is fuel

Exercise isn't the only thing that Lea Michele starts her day with to keep her energy levels up. She always prioritizes breakfast, with her go-to dishes including avocado and egg whites, reports Self. She's also a big fan of green juice, especially after her morning workouts. Her focus on food doesn't stop at breakfast as she's an avid fan of healthy snacks, particularly avocado toast.

Her kitchen is always stocked with nutritious items that are easy to grab as she believes that having healthy options readily available is key to making good food choices. Items you would be able to find in the star's kitchen include seaweed snacks, hummus with dipping choices like carrots and pita, and fresh fruit, especially berries and goji berries.

If you want to avoid unhealthy snacking throughout the day, go with Lea's motto and have healthy snacks within easy reach. Accessible healthy snacks can prevent unhealthy munching, because having healthy options prepared beforehand can make it easier to choose a healthy option (per Blanchard Valley Health System). Following a workout, eating a healthy snack after 15 to 30 minutes can help you refuel and reload your body's stored energy. Try to find snacks that blend fiber and protein, and after exercising, carbohydrates. This will help you feel full longer.

Self care is self love

When she has breaks in her extremely busy schedule, Lea Michele always makes time for self-care (per SELF). She finds time to spend with her loved ones, specifically catching up with her mom over a glass of wine, and prioritizes a balance of socialization with time alone that can keep her feeling her best. She tells SELF, "Self-care has always been my number one. When I'm not working, I'm taking care of myself. That way, I can be the best at my job."

With the intense schedule she maintains, she's wise to prioritize self-care. According to Harvard Health Publishing, stress and related emotions can suck up massive amounts of energy. Talking to a friend or loved one, like the way Lea talks with her mom, is a recommended way to combat stress that can deplete energy.

Other ways to practice self-care that can boost your energy are yoga, tai chi, and meditation. If you want to follow Lea's example of exercising in the morning and practicing yoga alongside self-care, doing yoga in the morning can reduce anxiety, increase energy and focus, and put you in a positive frame of mind for the day ahead (via Well+Good).