Pro Athlete And Fitness Trainer Kari Pearce Explains How You Can Get Fit With 10-Minute Workouts - Exclusive

We all know how difficult it can be to find time for a workout when the day is already packed with work, family, and trying to have a social life. But what if you could improve your fitness in just 10 minutes a day? Sounds fake, right? But pro athlete and fitness trainer Kari Pearce has the receipts.

She developed her online Power and PHIIT workout programs based on her decades of experience as a gymnast, weightlifter, and professional CrossFitter and her background in movement science and kinesiology. The programs focus on movements that incorporate multiple muscle groups, performed at an intense pace, which Pearce says will give you "the most bang for your buck with your time."

In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Pearce explained how it really is possible to get fit with 10-minute workouts and revealed the secret behind her wildly successful Power and PHIIT programs.

Making workouts quick, efficient, and fun

When Kari Pearce decided to develop her own workout program, she had a few goals in mind. She wanted the workouts to be fun, effective, and simple enough to do at home without equipment, and she wanted them to be so quick that even the busiest people could find time for a solid workout. For a time-efficient bodyweight workout to be effective, Pearce knew that it would have to be fast-paced and pack in as many movements as possible.

With that in mind, she developed her PowerAbs program — a 10-minute workout focused on building a strong core. When she rolled out the program as a 30-day challenge, Pearce was delighted to discover that people really loved it, and that they were getting the results she'd hoped they would. Pearce then developed her PHIIT program, a high-intensity interval training program. The PHIIT workouts, which are also only 10-minutes long, include movements that work your whole body. 

Pearce says that people love her 10-minute workout programs for a few key reasons. The 10-minute time commitment five days a week works for just about everyone, so people can stick to the program long term. The programs include all kinds of different movements, which keeps them interesting and fun. And most importantly, people see and feel the results.

Why quick, high-intensity workouts really work

Kari Pearce said that her intense 10-minute workout programs work so well because they're packed with compound movements that target multiple muscle groups.

"You need to focus on the right movements at high intensity," Pearce explained. "By doing exercises that are designed to keep you moving for the majority of those 10 minutes, you'll be working multiple muscles at once. Plus, the high-intensity from the workout keeps your body in 'burn mode' for longer, so not only will people burn calories while they workout, but for hours after."

She added that each of the movements in her programs, the pace they're done at, and the order in which they're done is based on her personal and professional experience of what works.

"I structured my programs to help you continue to push yourself as hard as you can during those 10 minutes so you can get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible," said Pearce. She admitted that the workouts are tough, but added, "You can do anything for just 10 minutes."

Check out Kari Pearce, the award-winning fitness trainer who has taken the business world by storm by starting two successful fitness brands — PowerAbs! and PHIIT — by visiting her website.