The Foodie Dietitian Kara Lydon Explains The Intuitive Eating Approach - Exclusive

Becoming conscious of our eating habits is essential to leading a healthy life. Yet with so many different diets and approaches to eating out there, where in the world should a person start?

If you ask Boston-based registered dietitian and licensed dietitian nutritionist Kara Lydon, the answer is pretty simple. In fact, her approach to eating is something that is already ingrained into every human being's brain: a concept referred to as intuitive eating. "Simply put, intuitive eating is a journey of getting back to the way we were born to eat," she explained during an exclusive interview with Health Digest.

From the very moment a baby arrives into the world, they cry, lick their lips, and express other cues to let their parents know that they're hungry. Their bodies alert them when they need to eat, and becoming conscious of this feeling as an adult is a helpful way to give our bodies exactly what they need. "Finding a way back to those internal cues is a large part of the intuitive eating practice," Lydon said.

Eating intuitively is already ingrained in our brains

When you think about it, there's a reason that diets usually aren't as successful as the person doing them had hoped they would be. "We were not born measuring portions, tracking macros, or counting calories, and we did not pay attention to any external forces telling us what we should or shouldn't eat to be healthy or thin," The Foodie Dietitian Kara Lydon told Health Digest. "The drive to eat, or stop eating, was fully intuitive."

Throughout your life, your body has always told you exactly what it needs — whether it be a snack, more water, or even extra rest. "The intuitive eating model includes a set of 10 principles to work through including honoring hunger and fullness cues, rejecting diet mentality, rediscovering satisfaction in eating, making peace with foods, respecting your body, coping with emotions, and practicing gentle nutrition," Lydon said.

If you take the time to listen, the intuitive eating approach can change more than just your body. It can change your mindset on everything else in life.

For more information about intuitive eating and healthy recipes that include Truly Grass Fed dairy products, head over to Kara Lydon's website.