Registered Dietitian Kara Lydon Reveals The Biggest Misconception She Hears About Dieting - Exclusive

If you've been desperately trying to lose weight, get yourself into shape, or simply lead a healthier life, the problem isn't you. It's your diet.

According to Boston-based registered dietitian and licensed dietitian nutritionist Kara Lydon, counting calories and limiting your daily diet is a sure way to fail altogether when it comes to your weight loss goals. "Research has concluded that dieting is the most consistent predictor for weight gain," she stated during an exclusive interview with Health Digest.

Throughout her years in dietetics, Lydon has seen this happen time and time again with her clients. After all, the billion-dollar weight loss industry has always told us that investing in their products is the only way to live a healthy life long-term — but that's simply not the case. "The biggest misconception people have about dieting is that diets work long-term, and if they don't, it's somehow their own fault," she explained. "The truth is diets don't work long-term (5+ years) for the vast majority of folks."

Kara Lydon says that most diets aren't feasible enough to last a lifetime

If your diet has failed you, you're not a failure. The person who wrote your diet plan is more responsible for making you feel defeated. "The blame should not be pointed to the individual but instead to the $77 billion diet industry that profits off of programs that aren't sustainable and repeat customers that keep coming back," The Foodie Dietitian Kara Lydon told Health Digest.

Instead of following a specific meal plan, she recommends intuitive eating to all of her clients. This approach focuses on listening to your body's hunger cues and other signs that tell you exactly what it needs. "We were not born measuring portions, tracking macros, or counting calories," Lydon explained. "And we did not pay attention to any external forces telling us what we should or shouldn't eat to be healthy or thin."

Our bodies are designed to tell us exactly what we need in order to feel our best. Now, it's time we pay attention to our own hunger cues instead of any other outside source.

For more information about intuitive eating and healthy recipes that include Truly Grass Fed dairy products, head on over to Kara Lydon's website.