Can You Have Sex When You Have A UTI?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is common, but that doesn't mean they aren't irritating. A UTI is an infection that occurs in any part of the urinary system, including the kidneys, bladder, and urethra, according to Mayo Clinic. While a UTI can happen to both men and women, women are more prone to developing it. Healthline notes that some of the symptoms of a UTI can include a constant urge to pee, pain when peeing, and pain in the pelvic area.

One common of getting a UTI is sex. Having sex can introduce foreign bacteria into the entrance of the urinary tract, which sits above the vaginal canal (via Everyday Health). While there is a risk of getting a UTI, it is probably not a reason to stop having sex. It just means you may have to take precautions to prevent a UTI if you are sexually active, such as urinating before and directly after sex which helps keep bacteria from entering your urinary tract.

However, what if you already have a UTI? Can you still have sex if you develop one?

What doctors say about having sex with a UTI

Usually, treatment for a UTI consists of a doctor prescribing antibiotics and providing strict instructions for dosage and timing of the medication (per Cleveland Clinic). Your symptoms may reduce or even disappear completely before you run out of medication, although you should continue to take the amount prescribed by your doctor.

You may believe that taking antibiotics will allow you to have sex with a UTI. While nothing will prevent you from having sex, it's not recommended. A UTI usually irritates the area around your urinary tract, and having sex can create more irritation, according to Healthline. It can also create more complications that harm both you and your partner. Having sex with a UTI can introduce new bacteria, potentially worsening the infection. It's also possible to spread the bacteria from one partner to the other, causing both of you to have a UTI, according to Medical News Today.

The best thing to do is follow your doctor's instructions for dealing with a UTI and avoid sex until the infection has cleared up.