Is It Safe To Use A Heating Pad When You Have Asthma?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asthma is a respiratory illness that affects the lungs. This disease is common in both youngsters and adults. Per the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 25 million people in the US have asthma, of which approximately 20 million are adults aged 18+ years. CDC reports that while it may be genetic, asthma attacks are usually caused by different environmental and occupational changes. It is often a lifelong illness, and the symptoms may appear when you encounter asthmatic triggers.

Allergic asthma mostly appears in people allergic to certain environmental elements like dust, pollens, or mold (via Asthma and Lung U.K.). Living in polluted regions and exposure to air toxins may aggravate asthma too. Occupational asthma may also occur if you work in a space with irritants reaching your lungs. It's necessary to take relevant steps, such as wearing the right equipment and asthma protection gear to avoid severe asthma triggers.

Heating pads and asthma symptoms

Finding relief during a mild or severe asthma attack can be challenging, especially during rough seasons such as spring or winter. One such technique to relieve the painful symptoms of asthma is heating pads (via Healthline). Both electronic and homemade heating pads are popular choices for soothing muscle cramps and reducing persistent aches, explains The New York Times. Heating pads are generally safe for asthmatics, and they may ease the intense chest pain caused by continuous coughing. WebMD also claims that heating pads offer benefits against chronic injuries from asthma. However, they may not be an alternative for inhalers or asthma medication or a good choice for those who have trouble breathing because of humidity. 

Experts suggest following some precautionary measures while using heating pads. For starters, it's advised not to place the heating pads directly on the chest skin as it might increase the risk of burns. Similarly, they warn asthmatics to avoid sleeping with a heating pad placed on the chest as it may lead to burn marks. If you have any concerns about using heating pads to alleviate your asthma symptoms, reach out to your doctor.