Celebrity Esthetician Elina Fedotova On How Your Environment Should Shape Your Skincare Routine - Exclusive

If you head out on vacation only to come home feeling like you need a facial, you're not alone. While you may be using the very best ingredients when it comes to your skincare routine, there are so many various factors at play when it comes to clear skin. One of these happens to be the weather you're surrounded by.

Just like you should be using different skincare products during the winter and summer months, you should also be incorporating new products into your routine whenever you're in a brand new climate.

The secret to knowing exactly what your skin needs all depends on your destination. "I always suggest that my clients treat their skin care products similarly to how they choose their food," celebrity licensed esthetician Elina Fedotova shared during an exclusive interview with Health Digest. "If you are in a dry climate, you are thirsty and drink more. In cold temperatures, you probably need more heavy and spicy food. On a tropical vacation, you feel great by eating light and fresh foods."

Elina Fedotova shares exactly how your environment can affect your skin

Deserts and other dry areas do whatever they can to seek out hydration. In those types of climates, your skin is trying to do the exact same thing. If you happen to be headed to any of the southwestern states, it's best to add extra moisturizing products into your skincare routine. "I advise keeping your regular winter regimen the same, because your skin will still require extra hydration to compensate for the lack of moisture in the air," Elina Fedotova told us.

On the other hand, more humid destinations have the exact opposite reaction on your skin. During the hottest months of the year, your skin actually creates more oil to compensate, so adding any other kind of moisture to your skin isn't actually needed. "People with oily/acne-prone skin do not even have to use moisturizers because many contain oils," Fedotova said. "I suggest only using treatment oil-controlling serums and zinc oxide-based sunscreen."

Wherever you're headed, always remember to pack some sunscreen. "You especially will need sun protection when you are closer to the equator, on the water or snow, or in areas of high altitude," Fedotova advised. "The snow and water reflect UV rays which can multiply sun damage."

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