Will Wrapping Your Stomach With Vaporub And Plastic Wrap Make You Lose Weight?

In the internet age, there is a plethora of tips, tricks, and hacks for weight loss. One of these purported weight loss techniques is utilizing a combination of Vaporub and plastic wrap, according to Valley News Live. Users of this technique are applying Vaporub to areas of their bodies that they consider to be trouble spots, and then wrapping their bodies in plastic wrap. Some users promote wearing the plastic wrap during exercise and sleep. The anecdotal results are weight loss, firmer skin, and the possible disappearance of cellulite. However, this technique can have some serious health ramifications.

There is no scientific evidence that supports the technique of combining Vaporub and plastic wrap, and all of the alleged results come from anecdotal sources, reports Livestrong. Stomach wraps have been promoted for weight loss for years, but most of the weight loss experienced by users is temporary water weight loss. Since stomach wraps induce sweating, there is an immediate drop in water weight. However, this can also lead to dehydration if more fluids are lost by the body than are consumed.

There can be dangerous consequences

Dehydration is a major risk of utilizing plastic wrap to constrict parts of the body, and as a result, a domino effect can be set in motion. Excessive sweating from wrapping parts of your body in plastic wrap can lead to dehydration symptoms like fatigue, extreme thirst, infrequent or dark urine, confusion, and dizziness (per the Mayo Clinic). If you become dehydrated and experience diarrhea that lasts for 24 hours or stools that are black or bloody, you should seek immediate medical attention. Prolonged excessive sweating and dehydration can lead to kidney damage, heatstroke, and seizures (via Healthfully).

When it comes to sleeping with plastic wrap around your body, doctors say that it isn't safe (via The Sleep Savvy). On the extreme end, sleeping with plastic wrap around your stomach can constrict your organs and cause damage to vital parts of your body. Livestrong reports that wrapping your stomach during exercise can lead to improper form and ultimately cause injury. Since your body is already sweating while you work out, increasing sweating by wrapping your body can leave you feeling lightheaded. 

Instead of binding your body with plastic wrap, the best way to achieve sustainable weight loss is through diet and exercise. The National Health Service recommends drinking lots of water, eating high-fiber foods, not skipping meals, and incorporating regular physical activity. Meal planning can help you stick to a healthy diet.