Dr. Ashley Winter On The Best Way To Boost Vaginal Health During Menopause - Exclusive

According to board-certified urologist Dr. Ashley Winter, who is also Chief Medical Officer at Odela Health, there is one specific thing women can do to address vaginal changes during menopause. First, what exactly happens down there during menopause isn't discussed as openly as some of us would like. Good thing Dr. Winter talked with Health Digest exclusively to shed light on this important but sometimes taboo topic.

As she explained, once someone starts going through menopause, "There are a number of changes that occur in the vagina." The cause is falling levels of estrogen, which result in the thinning of the vaginal wall and reduced blood flow, among other physical changes to the body. And unfortunately, menopausal women will also potentially experience icky side effects, like urinary tract infections and dryness.

Why? Winter explains, "Another change that occurs in the vagina as estrogen levels drop is that the pH in the vagina rises. Before menopause, a low pH is vital for allowing healthy bacteria, known as lactobacillus, to thrive. These bacteria function as a natural probiotic and protect your urethra and bladder from UTI-causing bacteria."

Even if a UTI isn't present, she notes that women may feel UTI-like symptoms, which are very unpleasant. "These changes are collectively known as 'genitourinary syndrome of menopause,'" Winter says.

So what can be done?

You can get your life back with vaginal estrogen

Dr. Ashley Winter offers a simple solution for curbing irritating menopause symptoms such as urinary tract infections and vaginal dryness. It's all about vaginal estrogen.

"Using vaginal estrogen after menopause lowers the pH back to the protective range and allows the lactobacillus to come back," she told Health Digest. About pesky problems like feeling like you have to pee constantly, Winter says, "If you use vaginal estrogen, it can improve all of these symptoms. I have seen many women suffer with these problems for years, seeking ineffective treatments. Knowledge is power!"

She shared her "absolute number one tip for sexual health during menopause" with Health Digest. It's simply to use vaginal estrogen. "It's truly life-changing, safe, and effective," Winter assures women, adding, "You can safely stay on it forever. It's amazing."

One place to start is with Odela, which can review your health history via a convenient online portal and even affordably ship vaginal estrogen to your home.

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