New Study Shows The Effect That Artificial Sweeteners Have On Your Blood Sugar

Many products today contain artificial sweeteners, so it's normal to wonder if they are okay for you. There has been a lot of controversy about these sweeteners over the years. Some people say they are perfectly safe, while others claim that they are dangerous. A new controlled trial done on 120 adults found that those who consumed artificial sweeteners experienced altered stool and microorganisms in their mouths (via WebMD). Two artificial sweeteners, saccharin and sucralose, "significantly impacted sugar tolerance," according to the results of the trial. However, researchers noted that because everyone's microbiome is different, artificial sweeteners will affect each person differently.

While it is important to note that artificial sweeteners do seem to have an effect on the body, how they affect an individual is more important and will vary from person to person. "With that said, the clinical health implications of the changes they may elicit in humans remain unknown and merit future long-term studies," the researchers noted in a press release.

What we know about artificial sweeteners

While this study is important, it is also important to take into account the current science on artificial sweeteners. Both the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) have warned against a diet high in artificial sweeteners (via Harvard Health Publishing). According to Healthline, some experts are concerned that artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain. Part of the concern comes from the fact that there have not been many long-term studies conducted on these sugar substitutes. On the other side, artificial sweeteners may lead to weight loss when used as a substitute for calorie-heavy natural sugar. But because there is limited scientific evidence on artificial sweeteners, it is still a good idea to limit them in your diet.

With all of this being said, there is little evidence to suggest that consuming artificial sweeteners in moderation will cause any health problems (via Mayo Clinic). Many studies have shown that they are safe in moderation. So don't worry too much about drinking a few diet sodas a week, although you probably shouldn't be drinking several every day.