What Impact Does Lemon Juice Have On Your Kidney Health?

You may not think of them often, but your kidneys constantly work hard for you to filter your blood. With all the necessary work they do, you may likely wonder if there are any extra steps you can take to keep them healthy.

The kidneys filter approximately 4 ounces of blood a minute (via Cleveland Clinic). They remove waste such as acids, creatinine from the muscles, and urea from nitrogen and help keep the blood clean. This filtration keeps the body balanced and helps manage sugar, acidity, blood pressure, calcium absorption, and red blood cell production. However, if the kidneys develop problems, all of these processes could be affected. Kidney stones are a common kidney issue, but there are ways to help prevent them.

Kidney stones are tiny solid masses that form from substances in the urine (per Cleveland Clinic). The most common type of kidney stone forms from a combination of calcium and oxalate, according to The National Kidney Foundation. Once formed, stones can get caught and cause bleeding and blockages in your urinary system (via Cleveland Clinic). When this occurs, whether the stone is the size of a grain of sand or a golf ball, it can cause extreme pain. The stone may eventually be flushed through the system but can cause damage on the way out. If it does not exit on its own, surgery may be required to remove it. Is there any way to prevent this painful and dangerous condition from occurring?

Kidney stone prevention

One in 10 people will likely develop a kidney stone in their life (per Cleveland Clinic). However, there are things you can do to help reduce the risk. The primary way is by staying well-hydrated every day. Drinking around 64 ounces of water per day is recommended for proper hydration. Adequate fluid can help flush any buildup away before they form a solid stone. Limiting salt is another significant way to help improve your chances of avoiding a kidney stone. Finally, some foods contain oxalates that can be avoided in order to prevent stones, such as spinach, nuts, beets, and chocolate (via Harvard Health Publishing).

Various natural substances are said to help the kidneys, but not all of these work for stone prevention, according to Cleveland Clinic. Lemon is an exception. Lemon is a fruit that contains a high concentration of citrate, which naturally prevents the formation of kidney stones, according to WebMD. In fact, drinking lemon juice mixed with water showed a significant reduction in kidney stone formation in a study by Dr. Roger L. Sur, director of UC San Diego Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center, reports UC San Diego Health. Luckily, lemon juice tastes pleasant and can be enjoyed diluted in water or lemonade.