CVS May Be Bringing Back Doctor Home Visits. Here's What You Need To Know

CVS Health announced on Monday, September 5, that it was planning to acquire Signify Health, a healthcare company with a network of physicians who visit patients in their homes. In a press release, CVS Health President and CEO, Karen S. Lynch, said the acquisition would "play a critical role in advancing our health care services strategy and gives us a platform to accelerate our growth in value-based care." She also said the merger would help healthcare professionals to better serve patients, as the company implements its "vision to redefine the health care experience."

Signify Health offers a variety of home and community services with more than 10,000 clinicians across the United States. The company explained in a statement that one of its goals is to connect healthcare providers with patients, assess their needs, and deliver follow-up care and community resources in order to deliver a "more connected, effective care experience."

The deal could mean more in-depth home visits

In-home visits are just one way CVS Health is expanding its healthcare services. In 2022, Signify Health expects physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to connect with about 2.5 million individuals in their homes, either in person or virtually (via CVS Health). The company states that home visits usually last 2.5 times longer than regular office visits.

In addition to house calls, CVS Health also offers health and wellness packages, health plans, virtual care services, and pharmacy services. With technological advancements, the company plans to utilize artificial intelligence to streamline the patient experience. The company works with about 40,000 physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and nurse practitioners across the nation. One of its goals is to build trusted relationships that help people become healthier. Kyle Armbrester, CEO of Signify Health, said that the merger would build an "integrated experience that supports a more proactive, preventive and holistic approach to patient care."