Nads Willow

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Bristol University
Falmouth College Of Arts
Writing, Marketing Content, Restaurant Reviews, Business Articles, Features, Voiceovers, Scriptwriting, Producing, And Editing.
  • Nads is a freelance writer with a background in TV production in the U.K. and U.S.
  • She has published articles about food, business, and the environment, as well as lifestyle, people, and places.
  • She has written her first creative non-fiction novel.


Nads has several years of experience as a freelance writer. After editing a business opportunity publication, she qualified as a broadcast journalist, working as a newsreader and news producer on local radio stations in the U.K. She then moved on to a career in TV production, first in daytime in the U.K. and then factuals and factual entertainment filming in the U.S. for Animal Planet and National Geographic series. After managing a small media-related company in Asia, she became a full-time writer. She has recently written her first creative non-fiction novel, whilst staying in a cottage in Wales and is currently looking for an agent to publish.


Qualified and experienced journalist.
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