Richard Hamilton

San Jose State University, San Francisco State University
Health & Wellness
  • Richard is the Content Lead for an integrative telehealth company.
  • He has been writing and producing media in the healthcare field for 20+ years.
  • His work includes educational materials for healthcare consumers, pharmaceutical sales representatives, and medical professionals.


A veteran communications services professional, Richard is an experienced instructional designer, writer, producer, and director. With a focus on health and wellness, he has worked in public health, with several international pharmaceutical companies, multiple medical communications agencies, and telehealth. He has supported a number of therapeutic areas related to general health, mental health, development, and mind-body-nutrition.


Graduating with an undergraduate degree from San Jose State University, Richard studied Behavioral Sciences and Communications. His graduate work at the San Francisco State University School of Broadcast and Communication Arts focused on Communications, Media Production, and Educational Technology.
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