Victoriahope McAuliffe

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Whitinsville, Massachusetts
Worcester State University, Quinsigamond Community College
Health Education, Women's Health, Patient Advocacy
  • Victoriahope worked within a small group to conduct in-depth research on flu vaccine use and provider trust within her community, and created The Vaccine Initiative which could have been used to increase access to both vaccines and information for at-risk communities within Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • After earning her bachelor's degree, Victoriahope began serving as the Communications Manager for the Patient and Family Advisory Council at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts — starting in May 2018, and ending in August 2021.
  • Her personal narrative outlining the struggles faced by people with epilepsy and brain injuries was published in The Worcester Journal, and she has guest blogged on the topic of self-advocacy for


Victoriahope McAuliffe was awarded the Dan Gavini Merit Scholarship while attending Worcester Sat University, and was first published in The Worcester Journal during that time. She continued writing professionally after graduation on a freelance basis while working in education full time. Victoriahope has articles published in The Pulse Magazine, Vitality Magazine, and Kiss & Tell Magazine. Her love of research and solving puzzles has served her well as a writer, educator, and patient advocate. Victoriahope's goal is to provide people the information they need to feel empowered throughout their health and wellness journeys.


Victoriahope earned her bachelor's degree in communication at Worcester State University, minoring in health education and psychology, and completing a concentration in women's studies. She also earned her associate's degree in early childhood education at Quinsigamond Community College.
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