Walmart And UnitedHealth Group Set To Launch Preventive Health Program For Seniors

Hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, and kidney disease are among the chronic health conditions estimated to affect as many as 80% of older adults (via DailyCaring). These numbers remain high for those with comorbidities as well. An estimated 68% of seniors at least 65 years of age have been diagnosed with two or more chronic diseases.

Preventative care measures can help reduce one's risk for such diseases later in life through early intervention strategies. In an effort to expand access to affordable healthcare, Walmart issued a public statement earlier this week announcing that it has partnered with UnitedHealth Group to expand services offered at Walmart Health centers. The main focus will be on preventative care for older adults and Medicare recipients, but telehealth services will be available through the companies' joint partnership with no age restrictions, reports Reuters. Here's how to tell if you are eligible for the services and when you can expect the new program to go into effect.

Eligibility requirements for the joint healthcare program

The program will start small as it gradually continues to expand. As per the news release, the collaboration will go into effect after the new year starting at 15 Walmart Health locations across Florida and Georgia. Services will be offered as "value-based arrangements," in which healthcare professionals will be reimbursed for their services through Medicare Advantage insurance plans offered by private companies (via Reuters). Repayment will be calculated based on a patient's health status, and providers will have the means to track patient data analytics.

The program will aim to address health conditions frequently experienced by older adults, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, reports Reuters. For the time being, however, those age 65 and older under traditional Medicare coverage will not be eligible for the services. However, the companies do have plans to expand eligibility as the program develops. "Eventually, the collaboration aims to serve even more people, including those across commercial and Medicaid plans, by providing access to fresh food and enhancing current initiatives to address social determinants of health, over-the-counter and prescription medications, and dental and vision services," Walmart stated in its press release.