Erin Marie

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New Orleans, LA
Tulane University
Health, Wellness, Lifestyle
  • Erin spent 5 years working as a crisis counselor on an emotional support crisis hotline. She is extensively trained in coping skills, stress reduction, and overall health and wellness techniques as it relates to physical and mental wellbeing.
  • She has also worked as a recovery support specialist in an adolescent substance abuse treatment facility facilitating discussions on life skills and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Erin is certified in suicide prevention/intervention as well as motivational interviewing training.


Erin has spent 7 years working as a freelance content writer on the topics of health, wellness, and creativity. She has conducted interviews for Positive Vibes Magazine with experts in the fields of music, film, fashion and more, and how their experiences have led them to live a healthy and positive lifestyle. Erin writes feature articles for the digital publication, Now With Purpose on topics ranging from the value of physical exercise, to what current mental health podcasts you should be listening to. Erin spent several years writing for the substance abuse recovery website SoberRecovery, providing information on healthy living for those struggling with substance abuse disorders as well as their friends and family.


Erin graduated from Tulane University in 2013 with a double major in Psychology and Theater Performance. Her knowledge of human nature, as well as her experience in performance and storytelling, allows her to bring a unique and relatable voice to her writing. Erin's poems, photos, and sketch comedy pieces have been published in various publications including Fusion Art, The Humor Times, and the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Maple Leaf Poetry Readings now available on Amazon.
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