Low-Impact Cardio Exercises To Add To Your Workout Routine

You may be getting back into a fitness routine or you're just starting your fitness journey. Either way, you are probably excited to jump into working out, but hold on. Make sure that you're performing exercises that have a lower risk of causing an injury. Low-impact cardio exercises are perfect for those who want a good workout without fear of hurting their joints.

Low-impact exercises are defined as "[a]nything that is easy on the joints or gentle and in fluid-motion," explains American Sports & Fitness Association. While high-impact exercises, like running or jumping rump, can help you break a sweat, they may not be the best options for those with weaker joints. Many low-impact exercises are ones that you probably have never tried before either, like pilates, yoga, or swimming. By incorporating these new exercises into your workout routine, you can become more stable, improve your balance, and increase your confidence with exercise, according to Good Housekeeping.

Swimming is a great low-impact cardio exercise

If you want one of the best low-impact exercises, look no further than swimming. Swimming a few laps in a pool can be done at any age, builds muscle, and puts almost no pressure on your joints. In fact, swimming can even help those with joint pain because it stimulates blood circulation and makes the joints more flexible while the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off the joints. That's why swimming is so popular for people with arthritis, according to Versus Arthritis.

In a randomized study, researchers had almost 50 middle-and-older-aged adults swim for 45 minutes a day, three times a week for 12 weeks. After the study concluded, it was found that not only did all the adults significantly decrease their joint pain and stiffness, but they also increased their handgrip strength and flexibility in their knees, according to The Journal of Rheumatology. Try to find a YMCA or recreation center that offers access to a pool for the public.

Cycling is perfect for those who want an intense cardio workout

Sometimes you want an intense session of cardio without the impact on your joints. Cycling is the perfect option for just that. Whether you head outside or hop on a stationary bike at the gym, the benefits are the same. While cycling has the immediate effect of not harming your joints, it can also strengthen your core by flattening your back which in turn puts less pressure on your joints, explains Cleveland Clinic.

Many other workouts, like weightlifting or running, can strengthen your muscles but may be too high-impact for some. Cycling is the best of both worlds, improving the overall mobility of your body and strengthening your legs while also avoiding putting too much stress on your joints, according to Healthline. It's also perfect for those who are coming back from an injury or are new to fitness as you control the intensity. Even a chill pace can provide health benefits.