3 Ways Men Can Boost Their Orgasms Naturally, According To Top Men's Health Expert - Exclusive

While we tend to believe that the female orgasm was essentially ignored up until the women's liberation movement in the 1960s, Bustle clarifies that the importance of women's orgasm has ebbed and flowed throughout the course of human history. Of course, we spent so much time misunderstanding and marginalizing the female orgasm that a quick internet search will show you that, even in this day and age, it's still shrouded in mystery and confusion.

The male orgasm, on the other hand, has long been oversimplified — expected, even. However, in a 2016 study published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy, male participants admitted to faking orgasm in 25% of their sexual encounters — a surprising number, considering how the social narrative illustrates that faking orgasms is more of a woman's game. Even when men reach climax, it's not always that "hit it out of the park" kind of feeling. Dr. Justin Houman, Director of Men's Health at Tower Urology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, reveals that when it comes to men feeling dissatisfied with their orgasms, "It's more common than you think!"

In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Dr. Houman describes the reasons why some men may be finding discontentment in their sex lives, and offers expert tips on how they can enhance the quality of their orgasms naturally.

Why are some men struggling to find fulfillment?

All sexually active people recognize that not every orgasm is created equal. Dr. Houman explains that for men, "Numerous elements go into a satisfying orgasm, including erection strength, strength of the orgasm, and sometimes even volume of the ejaculate. Many men are cognizant of all three elements. If any of them are sub-par, this leads to a less than satisfying erection."

With the idea of masculinity being so wrapped up in sexual performance, it can feel almost taboo for men to talk about feeling dissatisfied with their sex lives, but Dr. Houman asserts that it's perfectly common. "Most men at some point struggle with dissatisfying orgasms," he says — and the reasons for this are many. When asked for some of the most common contributing factors, Dr. Houman noted, "Weaker erections, poor overall health, [conditions like] diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and hypertension, medications, and abnormal hormone levels, just to name a few."

According to Dr. Houman, diabetes in particular can really take a toll. "Diabetes is one major reason men struggle with orgasm. This can impact not just the strength of the orgasm but also the strength of the erections and volume of the ejaculate. Staying healthy and being mindful of your blood sugar levels is so important!"

What can men do to boost their orgasms naturally?

It's no secret that good sex is something we have to work at sometimes. For men who find themselves underwhelmed with their orgasms, Dr. Houman suggests, "Orgasms can be boosted by Kegel exercises. By contracting the muscle that is involved with controlling your urination, you can strengthen your orgasm." And once you're done with that little workout, Dr. Houman says, "Go to the gym! This will boost your testosterone levels and increase the strength and pleasure of your orgasm." Most simply, and perhaps most importantly, Dr. Houman reminds men: "Breathe. Relax. Remember that sex and orgasms should be a fun process. Any anxiety or stress around the strength of the orgasm can take the fun and pleasure out of it."

After all is said and done and all of these practices have been implemented, if you're still struggling to find what you're looking for in regard to your orgasm, Dr. Houman suggests talking to your doctor. "The earlier you talk to a doctor about this [and] get it evaluated, the easier and quicker it can be treated going forward."

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