Brynna Standen

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New Orleans, LA
Fashion Institute Of Technology
Natural Medicine Making, Yoga, Ayurveda
  • Living in a travel trailer parked on a roof in New Orleans proper, Brynna has somehow managed to make room for an extensive herbal apothecary, housing nearly 100 medicinal herbs.
  • In 2017, Brynna had the privilege of living in a monastery in Northern Thailand, where Buddhist monks taught her the art of meditation.
  • Passionate about dendrology, Brynna is currently writing a novel that puts all of her tree knowledge to good use.


Brynna's professional writing career began eight years ago, when the travel blog she started from her tiny flat in Florence, Italy as a newly-post-graduate expatriate was picked up by In the years that followed, she traveled the globe, writing creatively about her experiences and working her way up to editor-in-chief of The Feed. In that role, Brynna proved to be instrumental in transforming the news and entertainment site into a digital creative collective that covered topics ranging from art and travel to wellness, literature, comedy, and crafting. Soon after, Brynna relocated to San Diego where she met with the founder of Wave Soda, a natural soda company for which she developed a health and wellness blog to be associated with their national campaign. After getting that off the ground, she settled in New Orleans, where she promptly began an apprenticeship with a certified clinical herbalist and began her studies in herbal medicine.


Brynna attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in 2015. She began her apprenticeship in herbal medicine in 2020.
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