Is Apple Cider Vinegar Actually Keto Diet Friendly?

Apple cider vinegar is a popular natural remedy for a variety of purposes, from weight loss to skin care. But can you drink it while on the keto diet? Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apples. The fermentation process breaks down the sugars in the apples, so most types of apple cider vinegar are low in carbs. However, some brands add sugar or other sweeteners to their products, so be sure to check the label before purchasing.

One tablespoon (15 ml) of apple cider vinegar contains about one gram of carbs (via Healthline). Therefore, it's unlikely that drinking a small amount of apple cider vinegar will kick you out of ketosis. However, if you're on the keto diet, you have an extremely limited amount of carbs you can consume daily, and even one or two grams from ACV might affect what else you eat during the day. If you want to use vinegar in dressings or sauces, you might want to opt for white vinegar, which does not contain any carbs. Overall, apple cider vinegar is a healthy and safe addition to the keto diet. Just be sure to check the labels and consume it in moderation.

Is apple cider vinegar good for you?

Apple cider vinegar is a popular drink that many people believe has health benefits. But does it really? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of drinking apple cider vinegar. Many people believe that apple cider vinegar has a range of health benefits, including helping with weight loss, fighting against heart disease, and even curing cancer. However, according to CNN, there is limited scientific evidence to support these claims. Apple cider vinegar is also highly acidic and should not be consumed raw because it can burn your throat and erode your teeth. To consume ACV safely, you can dilute it in a glass of water and drink it through a straw. You can also add it to salad dressings or homemade condiments that you can eat with your food.

When consumed properly, however, ACV does offer some health benefits. According to Healthline, unfiltered ACV contains something called mother, which is the "strands of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria" that pile at the bottom of the jar. This, along with the antioxidants in ACV, may aid digestive health. Apple cider vinegar has also been shown to treat type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. While the best way to manage blood sugar levels is to avoid refined carbs and sugar, adding ACV to your diet can also help.

The pros and cons of the keto diet

Many specialists believe that the keto diet is not a good choice for most individuals, despite the fact that many people credit it with their weight loss success. This diet tends to be particularly low in fiber, which might cause constipation, as it omits many nutritious grains and fruits (via eMedicineHealth). Eliminating certain items can potentially put you at risk for vitamin deficiencies (via Harvard Health). To get all the vitamins and minerals we require, it is critical to consume a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other whole foods.

Other risks of the keto diet include kidney problems, liver problems, mood swings, and brain fog. "The brain needs sugar from healthy carbohydrates to function. Low-carb diets may cause confusion and irritability," said registered dietitian Kathy McManus. Restrictive diets can also increase your risk of developing eating disorders. If you really want to try the keto diet, it is important to consult a doctor or registered dietician about your eating plan to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to be healthy.