What Really Causes Blackheads On Your Chin

If you hand a magnifying mirror to almost anyone, chances are they'll be able to spot at least a couple of blackheads on their face. Blackheads are one of several different types of acne that can spring up on the skin. According to the Cleveland Clinic, they can be identified by their dark, slightly raised appearance.

Nearly everyone gets blackheads at some point. However, Healthline notes that people with oily skin — who may also experience other forms of acne — are especially likely to get blackheads. These dark spots can show up almost anywhere on the body, but facial blackheads can be the most noticeable and frustrating to handle. One of the most common places to find blackheads is on the chin, similar to other adult acne spots, assistant clinical professor of dermatology Dr. Francesca Fusco told Everyday Health.

If you're battling blackheads on your chin, here's what may be causing it and how to banish them from your complexion.

Causes of blackheads on your chin

According to MedicalNewsToday, blackheads are formed when pores become blocked with dead skin cells and sebum. The skin cells become oxidized, making them appear dark. Like other types of clogged pores, blackheads are typically caused by sebum overproduction, sweat, comedogenic (pore-clogging) makeup or skincare products, and shaving.

Healthline says that blackheads on the chin are typically caused by the same factors as blackheads that appear on other parts of the face and body. However, Bioré notes that blackheads around the mouth and chin are sometimes caused by excessive skin touching in this area (such as when eating or resting your chin on your hand).

Another possible cause of chin blackheads may be hormone imbalances and fluctuations. Dermatologist Dr. Heather Rogers explained to Prevention that hormonal acne on the chin is most commonly seen in adult women and typically develops in the days leading up to menstruation. If hormones are the culprit, spots may also appear around the jawline and cheeks.

Can chin blackheads be prevented?

Chin blackheads may be pesky, but they're also preventable in many cases. To lower your chances of clogged pores on the chin, WebMD suggests washing your face regularly, including after workouts and other times when you sweat. Avoid touching your face with your hands, and change pillowcases frequently. Healthline also notes the importance of skipping products that may clog pores. When choosing makeup, skincare products, sunblock, and any other products applied to the chin and face, opt for non-comedogenic and oil-free formulations.

For blackheads caused by excessive sebum, balance your sebum production by minimizing dairy and sugar in your diet and limiting stress. Consult a doctor to treat underlying issues, such as a hormone imbalance, that could be triggering your acne.

When trying any new method to manage and prevent blackheads, remain patient. "Keep in mind you're not going to get instant gratification," Dr. Shari Lipner, a cosmetic dermatologist, told Self. Expect to wait at least a month to see a noticeable improvement. In the meantime, refrain from squeezing and popping, which may cause more damage to the skin on your chin.