Brie Schmidt

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Tokyo, Japan
Ohio State University
Relationships, Health And Wellness, Culture, Music
  • Brie has experience in content writing and editing, with work featured on Bolde, SavvyTokyo, Guidable, Datingroo, and other websites. She also works as a ghostwriter for a variety of industries and blogs.
  • Originally kicking off her writing career in the relationships and dating niche, Brie has experience as a relationship coach and educator. Aside from coaching clients one-on-one, she also produced and hosted a podcast, "Relationship Reminders," and created content focused on relationship skills and mental health.
  • Brie's (unintentional) preparation to become a writer began in childhood, when she collected and read hundreds of women's magazines cover to cover, even developing a reputation as being "the magazine girl" in middle school.


Brie Schmidt is a Tokyo-based American writer in love with learning about all things related to relationships, culture, and wellness. Growing up with the internet, she made a hobby out of writing and creating blogs before becoming an English teacher in her early 20s. Brie pivoted to a career as a personal coach and relationship educator, where she began writing about relationships, dating, mental health, and culture. She is now a full-time writer, blissfully balancing deadlines with downtime with her dog.


Brie received her BA in Sociology and Sexuality Studies from The Ohio State University.
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