Brie Schmidt

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Tokyo, Japan
Ohio State University
Relationship Advice, Mental Health, Wellness Trends
  • Before pivoting to a career in writing, Brie's work as a relationship coach and educator was featured in The Japan Times and Channel News Asia, among other outlets.
  • She has completed training in life coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy and brings tidbits of what she's learned to her articles on mental health and self-development.
  • Her passion for wellness extends all the way back to when she took up vegetarianism and yoga as a 14-year-old, and she's never looked back.


Brie spent her childhood studying magazines from cover to cover (including during math class, much to her teacher's dismay), which opened her eyes to the world of lifestyle journalism. In her 20s, she took a detour, first becoming an English teacher, followed by a stint as a relationship coach and educator. During this time, she worked with clients in one-on-one sessions, grew a social media following, and hosted the "Relationship Reminders" podcast. Her experience as a coach led her to contribute relationship and personal development content to a variety of websites, including Bolde, 16Personalities, and Datingroo. She now writes for Glam and other media outlets full time.


Brie received her B.A. from The Ohio State University, where she double-majored in sociology and sexuality studies.
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