How Wearing A Thong Every Day Affects Your Body

There are multiple styles of thong underwear, from G-string to cheeky types, but in general, they all offer the benefit of preventing visible panty lines. Most thongs offer coverage in the front while keeping the back mostly exposed using minimal fabric that sits between the buttocks.

The unique cut may cause some people to find thongs uncomfortable or too revealing. In addition, there are some instances when doctors urge against wearing a thong, usually suggesting underwear with more coverage instead. In fact, Dr. Felice Gersh, an OB-GYN and founder and director of the Integrative Medical Practice of Irvine, told Romper that women should avoid thongs when still bleeding heavily after giving birth, while pregnant, or after having sex, for example.

Similarly, the experts at Healthline advise against wearing the underwear daily. But what actually happens if you wear a thong every day? Here are the health risks that might make you think twice about your favorite stringy pair.

Thongs may not be best for everyday wear

Thongs usually fit closely to the body using little fabric, which can make them more likely to cause certain health issues. They may even create small cuts between the anus and vagina, causing irritation to the skin, as OB-GYN Dr. Mary Jane Minkin explained to Prevention. The experts at Healthline also warn of possible rashes and skin inflammation. Additionally, existing conditions, such as hemorrhoids, may be exacerbated by wearing thongs regularly.

It's even less clear if the underwear could promote infection. However, Dr. Jill M. Rabin, associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology and women's health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, believes it's possible. "If you have a little bacteria — E. coli is the most common bacteria in the colon — in the back part of the fabric and you're physically active, that material may move," she told Glamour. "All it has to do is move an inch or two and it's next to the vagina or urethra. That thong may be depositing colonic bacteria into your vagina or urethra."

To reduce the risk of discomfort and other health risks, it may be a good idea to avoid wearing a thong every day. Another tip is to check the fit and fabric of your favorite pairs. With that being said, avoid thongs that are too tight or that dig into the skin. And no matter the style of underwear, choose breathable, natural fabrics, such as cotton, per Healthline.