Can Ginger Help Cure Your Morning Sickness?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time of transformation. As your baby changes and develops, so does your body. According to UCSF Health, the first trimester of pregnancy is the most important for the baby's growth, as their body structure and essential organ systems begin forming. However, the first trimester is often considered to be the hardest for mothers-to-be, says Jackson Health System. Hormonal changes and uncomfortable symptoms can make the first weeks of pregnancy especially challenging.

One of these symptoms for many women is morning sickness. Morning sickness occurs in 70% of pregnancies, making it one of the most common pregnancy symptoms (per Cleveland Clinic). In some cases, morning sickness can involve severe nausea and vomiting, leading to dehydration and dangerous weight loss.

Even in mild cases, morning sickness can make it hard for pregnant people to tend to their daily lives, especially if nausea gets in the way of regular activity and eating habits. However, one simple — and natural — ingredient may help keep morning sickness at bay.

How to use ginger for morning sickness

According to Healthline, ginger boasts numerous health benefits, such as potentially helping prevent cancer and helping fight infection — and it may also help with morning sickness during pregnancy. One 2014 research review published in Nutrition Journal showed that ginger offered significant relief to pregnant women experiencing nausea. The review also indicated that ginger posed no risks to pregnancy, making it a safe way to cure queasiness.

Mayo Clinic suggests eating foods with ginger, such as ginger lollipops. Some drinks, like ginger tea and real ginger ale, also contain the nausea-fighting root. If morning sickness makes it hard to keep food or drinks down, a ginger capsule taken with a bit of water may also help.

If you feel nauseous while pregnant and ginger doesn't seem to be immediately effective, don't lose hope just yet. In a 2014 study published in Clinical Evidence, some pregnant women saw relief after a few days of using ginger, though it may depend on what form of ginger you use. However, for any morning sickness that doesn't subside and is accompanied by dizziness, dark urine, or heart palpitations, contact a medical professional for other treatment options (per WebMD).