The Simple Cindy Crawford Workout You Can Do By Yourself At Home

Supermodel Cindy Crawford's Instagram account shows that being a woman in your 50s doesn't have to slow you down. She's shown reels of her running stairs, firing her abs on a Bosu ball, and challenging her balance with single-leg exercises (via Women's Health). The model works with trainer Sarah Perla three days a week doing three rounds of a 15-minute full-body circuit (via Marie Claire).

In fact, circuit training gives you a full-body workout in less time because you're mixing cardio and strength training in a single workout, according to Healthline. Just choose eight to 10 exercises and move through each without stopping. After you've finished all exercises, you can rest for a minute or two, then repeat for a few more rounds. Luckily, circuit training can easily be varied according to your level of fitness. You can complete the exercises for time, such as 30 to 60 seconds per move, or you can complete up to 20 reps for each exercise. This way you can vary your circuits each time so you won't get bored, which will keep you motivated. You'll also torch calories because of the cardio, and you'll get the added afterburn from the strength training. With that being said, let's look at one of Crawford's circuits.

Crawford's blend of cardio and weights

Cindy Crawford sticks to a formula of 10 minutes of weights followed by five minutes of some cardio, according to Marie Claire. The workout described had Crawford running stairs, so if you have stairs nearby, this option can be an easy add-on for you. You'll start with weighted squats to target your legs and choose a weight that's heavy enough to lift for eight to 10 reps. Any variation of squats is good, such as overhead squats, dumbbell squats, or goblet squats (via Healthline). If that didn't get you to feel a burn in your legs, maybe weighted lunges will, according to Marie Claire. You'll stay with the eight to 10 rep range, but you can choose your favorite lunge option, such as the walking lunge, or reverse lunge (per Men's Journal).

Then your legs get a rest as you move on to rows to work on your upper body, as per Marie Claire. At this point, you can do a bent-over row, or you can opt for a one-arm dumbbell row, inverted row, or lying bench row (via Gym Pact). It's best to do eight to 10 reps here, then move to your five minutes of cardio, explains Marie Claire. After your heart gets pumping, you'll close this first round with a one-minute plank hold. You can rest for a minute, but then you'll repeat the circuit two more times to complete Crawford's workout.