What's The Most Popular Sleeping Position?- Health Digest Survey

When it comes to comfort, there is no right or wrong sleeping position, explains the Sleep Foundation. Different positions may be better suited for different people depending on their health or personal preference. However, experts state that the best sleeping positions for our overall health are those that offer spine support to keep our body on a level plane from our hips to our heads. Those with certain health conditions, such as back pain, heartburn, acid reflux, allergies, and those who are pregnant, may find that certain sleeping positions offer unique benefits when it comes to pain relief.

Some mornings, we may wake up in a position that looks as if we spent the night playing a game of Twister. With so many different ways to position ourselves for sleep, we asked 610 readers of Health Digest to name their preferred sleeping position. To determine which position is most popular, we offered five possible answer options. Although many of the answer choices garnered high numbers of votes, the top winning response may surprise you.

With the least amount of votes was the fetal position, with 17 total answer selections. WebMD reports that while the fetal position can be particularly comfortable for pregnant individuals, contracting inwards can place pressure on the lungs and diaphragm, which isn't the most supportive position for the free flow of oxygen.

Left side versus right side sleeping for first place

With significantly more votes was sleeping on one's stomach, which garnered 100 votes. The Sleep Foundation reports that although this position may help keep snoring at bay, it doesn't offer much in the way of spinal support. Sleeping on one's back earned 106 answer selections, accounting for 17.38% of total responses. The Sleep Foundation reports that sleeping on one's back can help keep your body aligned, making it a great position for individuals with neck pain, allergies, or nasal congestion. Since sleeping on your back doesn't put direct pressure on one's face from a pillow, experts say this position may also reduce the likelihood of developing wrinkles.

Battling it out for first place was side-sleepers. With 182 votes, sleeping on one's right side came in second place, making up just shy of 30% of total responses. Sleeping on one's left side proved to be the most popular sleeping position amongst readers, with 205 votes. This answer option accounted for 33.61% of the total answers. While sleeping on either side both have health benefits to offer, CNET reports that turning over on our left side may promote digestion and blood flow, which can be especially beneficial for those who are pregnant.