Health Digest Survey: Which Is People's Favorite Healthy Nut?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, nuts are a type of dry fruit that only contain one seed but are rich in oil. Nuts sometimes also have hard shells and husks, like a coconut. Healthline says that some of the most popular nuts that people eat can range from Brazil nuts and cashews to pistachios and walnuts. Beyond their great flavor, nuts have many health benefits, including impressive nutritional profiles. If you eat a handful of mixed nuts — a medley made up of a variety of nuts like the ones listed above — you can get a combination of carbs, calories, healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, some nuts are rich in antioxidants. For example, studies have found that walnuts can be more effective at battling the free radicals in your body compared to fish. When it comes to nuts and health benefits, the list goes on and on.

WebMD reports that nuts contain predominantly unsaturated fats, which may help with weight loss. Eating nuts several times per week may also help prevent heart disease and even regulate your cholesterol. You might wonder which healthy nuts people prefer to eat. To find out, Health Digest conducted a survey asking people what their favorite healthy nut is.

Which nut reigned supreme?

The results of a Health Digest Poll of 610 people show that 45 people, or 7.38% of respondents, prefer to eat walnuts. Brazil nuts were also a less popular healthy nut of choice, selected by only 51 people, or 8.36% of respondents. 59 people, or 9.67% of respondents, say they prefer to eat pecans, while 113 people, or 18.52% of respondents, say they prefer to eat pistachios. Up next are almonds, which 152 people, or 24.92% of respondents, say is their healthy nut of choice. Finally, 190 people, or 31.15% of respondents, say they prefer cashews — making cashews the most popular healthy nut of choice in the poll.

According to Healthline, cashews are crunchy and creamy, which makes them a tasty choice. Cashews are dynamic because they can pair with something sweet — perhaps as a nut butter on toast with honey — or something savory — like a topping for chicken lettuce wraps. Of course, they taste great on their own too. Cashews also have nutrients like magnesium, manganese, vitamin k, and protein that support bone health, per WebMD. But because they have a high caloric value, you might want to be aware of how many you eat.