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San Francisco, CA
Penn State University
Health & Wellness, Psychology, Neuroscience
  • Nicklas was a researcher on the neuroscience of conversations for five years, and authored a column at Psychology Today on the same topic.
  • As the editor of the Psych Tech blog, he covers the latest technological developments in the field of projective psychology.
  • He also studied science writing under best-selling author Judith E. Glaser.


Nicklas is a science writer. His work has been featured in outlets like Discover Magazine, Healthline, Psychology Today, and more. For the last five years, he has made a living as a researcher and reporter. He began his career working on a TV interview project featuring prominent American neuroscientists. He passionately covered the neuroscience beat before becoming a freelance writer. More recently, he documented and reported on the pandemic's effect on the worklife for Digiday Media. He is currently the editor of the Psych Tech blog and an author at Healthline Media.


As an undergraduate, Nicklas studied the brain and neuroscience before changing his focus to psychology. He holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Penn State University.
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