The Risky Side Effects Of Lightening Underarms With TikTok's Lemon Hack

TikTok is a popular social media application that's known for its short but attention-grabbing videos on trending topics. One area of TikTok that has been garnering a lot of attention are the health trends that emerge from the platform. TikTok health trends have ranged from at-home teeth whitening routines and fasting challenges to all sorts of fitness trends and skincare trends. There are some pros and cons to the multitudes of TikTok health trends. For example, a common trend like proffee, a combination of protein powder and coffee, can be beneficial. On the other hand, some TikTok trends like the Benadryl challenge can be life-threatening and dangerous. 

Nowadays, TikTokers are interested in a new health trend known as the lemon hack (per Shape). Keep reading to learn more about the latest TikTok health trend that involves rubbing a lemon on your armpits to help lighten the skin, among other things.

The TikTok lemon hack

The human armpit is the latest ground zero for a new health trend that aims to use lemon to lighten the color of the armpit while reducing the scents of body odor (per Shape). Generally speaking, the armpits can have a relatively darker shade of skin color because of the constant contact and rubbing of skin folds. Plus consistent shaving can also lead to the darkening of the skin. 

On the other hand, underarms produce a pungent kind of body odor because bacteria can break down the skin's proteins. The sweat produced in the armpit is thicker and more difficult to evaporate compared to the sweat produced by other sweat glands in the body. Therefore, TikTokers have been cutting lemons in half and rubbing them in their armpits to reduce odor and lighten the skin. In that case, you might wonder if the trend works and if there are any side effects. Here's everything you need to know.

The side effects

Surprisingly enough, Health experts note that the TikTok lemon hack does actually work to lighten the skin of the underarm due to the citric acid content of the lemon (per Shape). Plus, rubbing a lemon on your armpits can also temporarily reduce your body odor. In fact, instead of clogging pores like traditional deodorants, lemons can actually kill the bacteria in the armpit. However, rewards do not come without risks.

For starters, lemons are highly acidic, which can cause skin irritations, and burning sensations, and even make the skin more sensitive. You may also notice inflammation in your armpits after, which could potentially make your armpits darker, which would render the purported hack mute. Plus leaving lemon juice on while you are in the sun can lead to blistering and breakouts.

All in all, the TikTok lemon hack might work for some people, but there are clear-cut risks that could lead to not only skin damage but the potential to reverse the intended effect originally desired. Therefore, be cautious with this TikTok trend if you do decide to try it.