Can Garlic Relieve A Sore Throat?

Garlic. No doubt it's great on shrimp, steak, pasta, and more, but is it great on a sore throat? In just 1 cup of garlic, WebMD reports that you'll find 11% of your recommended daily intake of iron, 25% of your suggested daily calcium consumption, and a whopping 70% of your suggested daily intake of vitamin C. Armed with these nutrients, can garlic be an effective means of relieving a sore throat?

A host of things can prompt the irritated, scratchy sensations of a sore throat, anything from bacteria or a virus to an allergic reaction, acid reflux, or even something as simple as breathing through your mouth while snoozing, reports the Cleveland Clinic. Prescription antibiotics may be required in the event of a bacterial infection, such as strep throat. But in other instances, at-home treatments may be our best bet to relieve pain and other symptoms of a sore throat, otherwise known as pharyngitis. Such remedies include ample rest, drinking plenty of warm fluids, sucking on a cold popsicle, using a humidifier, and avoiding allergens. But the question remains: can we also add garlic to our list of go-to sore throat treatment methods?

It turns out that a compound found in raw garlic known as allicin may be the key to relief from an infection-related sore throat, reports MedicineNet. Containing antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, allicin may be an effective means of alleviating pharyngitis pain.

Raw garlic may help relieve sore throats caused by infections

A 2018 scientific review published in the medical journal Evidence-Based Practice cited a study in which a garlic supplement containing 180 milligrams of allicin preparation was taken daily by participants to assess whether or not garlic might help stave off or treat upper respiratory infections. Fewer cases of infection were observed in those treated with garlic supplements. Additionally, study findings showed that of those who contracted an upper respiratory infection, garlic supplementation was linked with decreases in average symptom duration, dropping from five days to a day and a half. Therefore, it's possible that garlic may be effective in curtailing sore throat pain associated with upper respiratory infections (per Healthline).

Specifically, the allicin in garlic is released when crushing the vegetable, reports MedicineNet. Therefore, you'll want to utilize raw garlic for sore throat relief by either chewing on a raw clove or sucking on a slice for a period of 15 minutes. Because garlic can have quite a potent taste, experts alternatively suggest combining minced garlic with softer flavorings such as honey or olive oil. It can also be worked into your favorite sauce or vegetable juice. Whatever method you use, just be sure to consume the raw garlic immediately after crushing it up — the sooner the better, in order to get the most out of the allicin.