How To Create An Impressive Workout Routine Like Madonna's

Madonna's workouts over the last 35 years have changed as often as her style. In 1988, she spent two hours a day, seven days a week working out, according to Vogue. She revealed her lean, sculpted body in the late 90s, crediting Ashtanga yoga (via Chicago Tribune). Gwyneth Paltrow later turned Madonna to trainer Tracy Anderson, who would bring her back to two-hour workouts six days a week (via Daily Mail).

Now that she's 64, Madonna opts for a more balanced approach with trainer Craig Smith, who recognizes when she needs a recovery day (via People). During her 2016 tour, she managed to work out with trainer Craig Smith for 30 minutes six days a week (via Daily Mail). Smith keeps Madonna's body guessing by doing something different each day. Some days will have circuit training or HIIT, and other days will include boxing or martial arts. Of course, each day always includes dance to get her body warm and keep her ready for the stage.

Some of Madonna's key workout moves

Madonna's trainer focuses her strength training using her body weight or lighter weights up to five pounds (via People). Smith chooses this squat/bicep/shoulder series for Madonna. Holding a light weight in both hands with palms facing each other, drop the hips back into a squat. Use the glutes to drive you back to standing, then drop back down again. On your way up, curl the dumbbells to your shoulders while keeping your elbows at your sides. Squat down a third time, repeat the hammer curl, but then press the weight overhead. Repeat this sequence for 60 seconds for three sets.

Because Madonna still loves what yoga does for her body and mind, Smith incorporates yoga as part of her easier training days (per People). This simple bodyweight move can work the shoulders, chest, triceps, and core. Begin on the floor in child's pose with arms extended in front of you pressing actively on the floor. Slide your chest forward while keeping the shoulders rolling back and down, then press through your hands so your chest lifts into upward-facing dog. Draw the hips back, keeping the tailbone high as you move into downward-facing dog. Send the chest forward again as you come into the top of a push-up (high plank), then, with control, lower into a push-up. Return to child's pose, then repeat five times (via People).

Madonna also eats six meals a day and drinks watermelon cold-pressed juice (via Daily Mail).