What Is People's Favorite OTC Antacid?- Health Digest Survey

One-quarter of adults in North America are affected by heartburn every day, according to research published in StatPearls. Characterized by burning sensations within the chest, the discomfort often strikes following a meal, at night, or when lying flat or bending down, reports the Mayo Clinic. Thankfully, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, known as antacids, can help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms of heartburn and indigestion by neutralizing the acid produced in our stomach during digestion (via Cleveland Clinic).

There are many different brands of antacids available for purchase, yet they all come in one of two forms: tablets or a liquid. Generally speaking, liquid products are more fast-acting than those in chewable tablet form. Even so, many people have their preferred brand of antacid they reach for when the pain of heartburn or indigestion sets in. Out of six possible answer choices, we asked 612 survey participants which brand of antacid they most favorite. Here's what readers of Health Digest had to say.

Tums versus Alka-Seltzer for go-to antacid relief

The least amount of answer selections was Gaviscon. This answer garnered 16 votes, making up 2.61% of total responses. Offered in chewable tablets, Gaviscon antacids specifically target indigestion and acid reflux, as per their website. Next was Rolaids, earning 46 votes and accounting for 7.52% of total answer responses. Sold in the form of soft chews as well as tablets, Rolaids are designed to alleviate symptoms of heartburn. With two more votes was Mylanta, which was responsible for 7.84% of total responses. Also offering relief from uncomfortable gas, Mylanta states they are the #1 doctor-recommended liquid antacid.

In third place was Milk of Magnesia with 52 votes, making up 8.5% of total answer selections. Also known as magnesium hydroxide, the drug is not only used to treat heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach but also functions as a laxative to relieve sporadic constipation (via WebMD). Ultimately, Alka-Seltzer and Tums earned the greatest number of votes. With 115 answer selections, Alka-Seltzer came in second place, accounting for nearly 19% of total responses. However, Tums reigned supreme with 335 votes, making up 54.74% of total answer responses. Promoted as the top antacid in the U.S., Tums offers products in the form of chews, tablets, and smoothies in a variety of different flavors.