The One Multi-Purpose Core Exercise Jennifer Lopez's Trainer Swears By

Nowadays, there seems to be an infinite amount of core exercises popping up on the internet. From TikTok influencers to A-list celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, toned physiques probably aren't going out of style anytime soon. In fact, Women's Health got the scoop from Jennifer Lopez's trainer, David Kirsch, who swears that everyone should add one move in particular to their fitness routines. And we may want to give him a listen.

Known as the "sculpt master," Kirsch is all about training his clients through challenging full-body workouts, points out Popsugar. From his fitness repertoire you'll find banded jumping jacks, different variations of planks, push ups, sumo lunges that finish with a jump squat, and much more. Each of these exercises tones your body in different ways targeting the butt, thigh, core, hip, arms and even incorporates some cardio depending on the intensity of the move. But for the ultimate core blaster, Kirsch recommends trying this common yoga pose with an added twist. 

Revamp your downward dog

If you're looking to strengthen your core, Kirsch recommends adding downward dog pushups to your workout routine (per Women's Health). It's a multi-purpose core exercise that has several benefits other than its ab-boosting abilities. According to Masterclass, downward dog is great for stretching, building muscles, and promoting good blood flow. It's even known to help with posture. 

To practice the exercise with the additional pushup challenge that Kirsch recommends, begin in your downward dog pose. If you need a refresher, Yoga Journal offers some helpful tips. To perform the pushup, Popsugar recommends keeping your head in line with your shoulders, then inhale and lower the elbows slowly to the ground. Exhale and slowly straighten them again. That's one rep completed!

Kirsch suggests tacking this yogic push-up onto the end of a workout session to help get the added stretching benefits, explains Women's Health.