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5 Products That Can Help Ease Pain From Bunions

According to Mayo Clinic, bunions are the protruding bony bumps at the base of your toe. Misplaced bones in the toe because of a trauma or accident may cause bunions. As a result, the big toe becomes misshaped and leans toward the other toes while the bone protrudes outward. This common bone deformity affects around one-third of Americans (via Global Podiatry). Dr. Byron Hutchinson states that while most people notice bunions in their 20s or 30s, this condition may even start in the early years (via WebMD). Per the National Health Service (NHS), bunions may be painful and red. The big toe could feel stiff and difficult to move. You may have problems while walking, especially while wearing tightly covered shoes. In fact, not wearing proper footwear may aggravate the condition, warns NHS.

Additionally, Mayo Clinic reports that bunions may also lead to the development of corns or callouses when two toes rub together. Later on, there may even be a risk of arthritis, per WebMD. Surgeries and medication may help reduce painful symptoms, according to Mayo Clinic. In addition, there are several products that you can try out to relieve bunion pain.

Caretras Bunion Corrector

This 2-piece comfy big-toe straightening brace is a remarkable find on Amazon for those who want good value for money. This foot support brace cradles the bunion and relieves arthritic pain effectively. It works wonders both day and night and feels almost weightless while you enjoy a pain-free sleep. Simply place it under the foot, secure the small strap around the big toe and the big strap around the foot arch, and you're good to go! 

The manufacturer recommends wearing it for about 20 minutes a day in the beginning and gradually increasing the time to 2 to 3 hours. It is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by over 17,800 customers and can be snagged for $14.41 on Amazon.

PediFix Visco-gel Bunion Relief

If you're looking for pressure-relieving footgear to ease bunion pain and reduce friction between the swelling and shoes, this is the ideal product for you. Rated 4 out of 5 stars based on 72 customer ratings on Amazon, Pedifix Bunion Relief is available in both large and small sizes to fit snugly on your bunion and support your aching foot. It is made of a thick visco-gel technology with remarkable friction and pressure absorption quality and numerous nutritious elements such as shea butter, vitamins A and E, and aloe for added pain relief. You can order it on Amazon for $14.77 to $22.70.

Boiron Arnicare Soothing Gel

Boiron Arnicare soothing pain-relieving cream is one of the best-rated products on Amazon, earning it a massive 4.6 out of five stars rating based on over 17,000 consumer reviews. The Arnica montana plant — the main ingredient of this herbal medicine — is popularly known for its natural pain-reducing properties. It has a super comforting, water-based, non-greasy, and scent-free formula that absorbs quickly and gives you a cool, soothing feeling. The medicine is perfect for swelling, muscle pain, and bruises, particularly bunions. Most customers give it a major thumbs up for its remarkable pain-relieving effects and exceptional value for money, coming in at less than $7.

Spenco Polysorb Support Shoe Insole

Look no further if you're searching for a soft cushioning insole to get rid of stabbing pain in your bunions. This nylon fabric foot-arch cushion offers superb support to your painful feet by perfectly cradling the curves and pressure points. It has a 4-way stretch fabric that extends to every corner and snugs all protruding regions. 

The Spenco Polysorb Shoe insole is lightweight and an amazing shock absorber, making it a good choice for people who play high-impact sports or have intense fitness workouts. It is rated 4.4 out of five stars by more than 2000 Amazon customers and can be snagged for $24.99.

PowerStep Pain Relief Insoles

Another incredible find on Amazon is the Powerstep Pain Relief Insole which exceeds expectations with its enhanced arch support and cushioning of the pressure points. If you have bunions, the dual-layered technology of this product will help cradle the bone and cushion it against hard or rough surfaces. You can wear them with any shoes to prevent any kind of foot pain. But the manufacturers recommend only wearing the insoles for a few hours initially to let the feet get accustomed to the design. 

This product is rated a whopping 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon, based on 23,664 customer reviews. Grab it now for $22.10.