What We Know About Pelé's Recent Health Issues

Earlier today, CNBC reported that the infamous soccer player Pelé has died at the age of 82. His daughter, Kely Nascimento, shared heartfelt words to her father on her Instagram, "All that we are is thanks to you. We love you infinitely. Rest in peace," (via NPR). 

Pelé is an iconic figure to many people, and when looking back on his life, there's much to celebrate. According to Football History, the struggles that Pelé faced financially at the beginning of his career didn't stop him from pursuing his passion for soccer at a young age. At just 17, he played in the World Cup, making him the youngest player to ever do so, reported CNBC. His talents turned him into a "national treasure" in Brazil after he won the 1958 World Cup. Pelé retired in 1977, but not before scoring a whopping 1,279 goals in 1,363 matches and winning three World Cups (per Deadline). 

Pelé's daughter has been open about his recent health issues on social media and had been keeping fans informed on his condition. Before his death, Kely shared a photo hugging her father with a caption written in Portuguese saying, "We continue to be here, in the fight and in faith. One more night together," (via Deadline). 

Grieving fans may want to know what recent events led up to the death of the beloved Pelé. Here's what we know so far. 

What was happening with Pelé's health?

Fans of Pelé knew he had been battling health problems for a while, and they were likely right there on the sidelines watching his journey. As reported by The Guardian, Pelé was diagnosed with colon cancer in September 2021 and was hospitalized for a few weeks that December. As part of his treatment plan, he was treated with chemotherapy and had a tumor that was located in his right colon removed during surgery (per CNN). 

This year, Pelé was hospitalized on November 29th and was being treated for a respiratory infection, yet appeared to remain stable (per Sporting News). However, his health soon began to decline. According to Sporting News, a Spanish publication by the name of El Espanyol reported on December 28th that Pelé's condition had significantly worsened.

Grieving loved ones and fans may feel a sense of comfort to know that Pelé knew just how much love and support he received. "I have a lot of faith in God and every message of love I receive from you all over the world keeps me full of energy," he shared on Instagram, as reported by Sporting News.