What It Means When Your Knees Itch

The urge to itch may seemingly come on at random, but sometimes we may find that certain parts of our body appear more prone to itchiness than others. Perhaps it's your elbows, or maybe your feet. For others, it may be their knees. If this sounds strange, consider the fact that the skin on our knees is thicker than other areas in order to adequately protect these delicate points on the body (via Turner Dermatology). If you're someone who has ongoing knee itchiness, here are a few possible reasons as to why you may be feeling the urge to scratch.

First, it's possible that your knee-itching may stem from external factors. Various ingredients found in beauty products, soaps, laundry detergents, and more can all prompt cases of allergic contact dermatitis of the knee, according to experts at Buoy Health. Upon contact, these allergens can trigger a multitude of allergic responses, such as inflammation, redness — and yes, itching. In addition to certain products, poison ivy can also prompt a bout of allergic contact dermatitis. It certainly makes you think twice before going hiking in shorts in order to protect those knees.

Many cases of itchy knees are caused by this skin condition

In other cases, however, persistent knee itching may be the result of a health condition, such as psoriasis, as per Mayo Clinic, or dermatitis herpetiformis for those with celiac disease, according to the experts at the Celiac Disease Foundation. Characterized by a burning rash, dermatitis herpetiformis often occurs on the knees or elbows and can be accompanied by blisters, redness, and itching. Alternatively, dermatofibroma may be the cause of your itchy knees (via Buoy Health). Dermatofibroma is a condition in which noncancerous skin growths emerge, often on the lower legs. Although there is no clear cause for the condition, these small, solid bumps, which are often pink, brown, or red in color, may emerge following a mild injury. For some, these growths can be itchy.

Overall, however, data from Buoy Health shows that 66% of cases of itchy knees most commonly stem from eczema, otherwise known as atopic dermatitis. Affecting mostly children, eczema is a genetic condition that prompts the emergence of a red, itchy rash that can be seen in the folds of the knees in older kids. If you decide to reach out to your physician in regards to itchy knees, you can expect your doctor to ask about potential allergens, as well as the presence of rashes or other symptoms, such as fever, to help determine if a health condition may be the cause of your knee itchiness.