How Much Activity Is Safe During Pregnancy?

When Rhianna revealed her significant baby bump during her Super Bowl performance, it reminded others that just because you're pregnant, you don't have to stop moving — although she might have modified her choreography just a tad. Rhianna held her belly while keeping up with her backup dancers.

According to WebMD, dancing is just fine if you're pregnant. In fact, you can probably do many of the same activities you did before you got pregnant unless you have a medical condition that prohibits exercising, such as heart or lung disease or problems with your cervix. You should consult with your OB-GYN about your exercise plans.

Healthline says exercising while you're pregnant can prevent too much weight gain or problems with your birth. It can also help reduce your stress levels and help you recover better after you give birth. You can keep your cardio workouts during all three trimesters, but during the third trimester, you'll want to avoid any exercise that might result in a fall. The third trimester might also require more bodyweight training than heavy weights, especially since you're carrying around a little more weight in the middle.

Safety considerations for exercising while pregnant

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you'll want to avoid too much high-impact activity or jerking motions because your hormones cause your joints to be a little more mobile. Your center of gravity is also different when you're pregnant, so you're at greater risk for a fall. Your baby needs oxygen too, so exercise that's too vigorous can limit your breathing.

If you love savasana in your yoga class, you'll need to modify this pose while pregnant. That's because your uterus can put pressure on the vein that goes to your heart, and that can cause your blood pressure to drop. Try lying on your side with your knees bent or prop up your torso on a bolster or a blanket.

Sorry to say that hot yoga or any exercise that makes you overheat might be out while you're pregnant. You'll need to stay as hydrated as possible for your little one. Other exercises to avoid during pregnancy are contact sports, scuba diving, and activities where you might fall like skiing, gymnastics, and horseback riding. Do you love skydiving? You might want to wait until after your baby arrives.