Is It Safe For Men To Wax Their Testicles?

As demonstrated in a 2017 study published in the American Journal of Men's Health, men of varying ages are trimming, grooming, and shaving their pubic area for body image, hygiene, and intimacy reasons. The study suggests that more than 50% of men between the ages of 18 and 65 reported grooming their pubic area regularly. Of those, 66% reported regular grooming of the testicles.

While many men groom down there to help cultivate a healthy self-image, according to a 2008 report published in Body Image, there can also be risks associated with cleaning up this particularly sensitive area of the body. Grooming-related injuries to the pubic area are common for both men and women — a 2017 study published in JAMA Dermatology found that more than a quarter of people who reported grooming their pubic area had sustained some type of an injury, including razor burn, irritation, and folliculitis. Of the men profiled, 66% reported the scrotum being the most common area for injury. Additionally, a 2012 report published in Urology indicated that razors were responsible for 83% of genital shaving mishaps in both men and women. Given this fact, many men are wondering if ditching the razor in favor of waxing might be a smart move.

Waxing can be a good alternative to shaving

For men who are looking to completely smooth things out in their genital area, waxing can appear to be a good alternative to shaving. Not only will the results last longer than shaving — three to four weeks versus one to three days — but it can also be a good way to exfoliate the skin down there. Additionally, the more you wax, the thinner the hair will grow back, making future waxing sessions easier and, hopefully, extending the length between waxing appointments.

However, men who go in for a testicle waxing need to be careful, as the skin on the scrotum is very delicate and susceptible to tearing. It's important to go to a technician who knows how to handle this part of the body safely and professionally. The skin needs to be held properly so that, when the strip of wax is pulled away, it doesn't pull up with it and tear. Healthline notes the importance of doing your research and only having a waxing of your intimate areas handled by a trained and certified aesthetician.

Do your research before trying a waxing

Although waxing the scrotum is largely a safe process, men looking to give it a try should be aware that there are risks involved, including genital burns, cuts and abrasions, and ingrown hairs. Additionally, a nick or tear in the scrotum could lead to a dangerous infection known as Fournier's gangrene (via Healthline). This infection is very dangerous and fatal in at least a third of cases. However, it is also rare, affecting approximately one in 7,500 people. It tends to occur predominantly in men in their 60s or 70s.

In the end, how you choose to groom yourself is a personal decision and there is no one right answer. Before deciding whether or not to wax yourself down there, take into consideration your skin type and hair type, and research the best and most well-trained professionals to do the job. You should also consider talking with your doctor or dermatologist to make sure you're fully informed before a single strip of wax is applied.