Jennifer Aniston-Promoted Collagen Supplement Recalled Due To Possible Plastic Shards

Vital Proteins, the supplement company endorsed by Jennifer Aniston, issued a voluntary recall of its popular Collagen Peptides supplement because broken pieces of a plastic blue lid might have dropped into some canisters of the product. The collagen supplement was distributed to Costco stores in 20 states and Puerto Rico. Almost 60,000 canisters were affected.

The Illinois-based company sent letters to Costco members who had purchased the product between April 17 and April 24. Although no one has been injured from consuming the product and there's a low risk of injury, Vital Proteins said the voluntary recall is about consumer safety. Only one batch of the 24-ounce product–#30095993HA–was affected. This number can be found just below the barcode on the canister. The best-by date is 01/09/2028. Customers can return their products to their Costco store for a refund. Vital Proteins says not to consume this batch of their Collagen Peptides supplement.

Collagen protein supplements might help with joints and skin

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is the company's best-selling supplement. It claims that its 20 grams of bovine (cow) collagen can make your skin, hair, joints, and nails healthy. According to Healthline, your body produces up to 28 types of collagen from the amino acids in your food. Because our skin tends to lose collagen as we age, some research suggests that collagen supplements might improve the skin. Limited research funded by supplement companies has found collagen supplements to be effective in improving joint health. More research is needed to determine how collagen supplements strengthen hair and nails.

According to Vital Proteins, Aniston had been using their products since 2016, four years before becoming a spokesperson for the brand. She now serves as Chief Creative Officer, where she created her line of collagen and protein bars. Vital Proteins shared her wellness journey and daily routines that have kept her healthy.