The Viral Finger Band-Aid Hack That Ensures A Perfectly Custom Fit

Whether it's pulling weeds in the garden or flipping through those pages of a report, more often than not, you're going to be the victim of a cut on your fingers. However, trying to get a band-aid on your finger ends up in a bulky mess that inhibits your finger, slips down, or falls off. Thankfully, there is a better way than sticking it on itself and hoping for the best. 

Rather than running out to the store to buy every type of Band-Aid on hand for your next IKEA building fail, enter the world of TikTok hacks to make your standard bandage stay in place and not feel bulky. By cutting the adhesive part of the bandage, you can wrap it more securely around your digit so it stays on your knuckle and even wraps securely around the tip of your finger.

Keep your fingers germ-free and mobile by learning how to make a band-aid finger ready in seconds, and get tips for changing your bandage so your cut stays infection free.

The perfect band-aid fit for a finger wound

Are you tired of the band-aid game on your fingers? Try this TikTok hack that makes bandaging your finger with a typical bandage so much easier. While some TikTok hacks definitely should not be tried, this one is worth a try because it secures the bandage to your finger rather than just sticking it over itself.

All you need to do is take a pair of scissors and cut the adhesive part of the bandage down the middle horizontally. For a tip of the finger cut, lay the cut on the white, gauzy part, then wrap the top strip from one side at a diagonal along the finger. You'll follow suit on the other side and the bottom strips. When complete, the bandage completely follows the form of your finger and feels tight. For cuts on a finger knuckle, take the top strips and cross them above the knuckle and cross the bottom strips below the knuckle. Bend your finger all you want, and it won't pop off or hinder movement.

This TikTok hack is a big thumbs up, but it's not just how you wrap your finger that's important. Learn a few tips to ensure you get the most from your band-aid and keep infection at bay.

Tips to keep your wound clean and infection free

Getting the band-aid to fit your finger correctly is only half the battle. It's important for the wound to be cleaned properly before you even grab your scissors and attempt the TikTok finger bandage hack. According to Healthline, make sure you use pressure to stop any bleeding and clean the wound with water and antibacterial soap before applying the bandage. It can also be beneficial to add a bit of antibacterial ointment to the gauze of the bandage to tackle any remaining germs or bacteria. Just make sure you aren't wrapping your finger too tightly that you cut off blood flow.

Check the band-aid regularly and swap it out if it gets wet or dirty, following the same steps to secure that snug fit. For a bandage that's relatively clean and dry at the end of the day, just change it out daily until the cut has healed enough to remove it. Remember, bacteria like areas with high moisture, so keeping everything clean, dry, and secure is going to give you the best healing opportunity. You'll also need to watch for signs that your cut is infected.

Getting a band-aid to stay put on your finger can be as frustrating as putting together your new desk from IKEA. However, TikTokers have united to create a 'why didn't I think of that' hack that keeps your band-aid in place and your finger ready to move.