How To Use Body Lotion To Help Relieve A Painful Sunburn

Sunburns happen when you get too much exposure to UV rays from the sun. The UV rays cause damage to the skin, which leaves you feeling hot and miserable.

Sunscreen and coverups are going to be your best ways of preventing sunburn; but, even with the best of intentions, burns still happen. Maybe you didn't remember to reapply your sunscreen every hour when you were on the beach. Now you've got inflamed, red skin that's screaming at you. 

One of the best things you can do to help alleviate the throbbing burn is to apply lotion to lock moisture into your skin. Not only will it make your skin feel less burnt, but it will also help in the healing process.

You can also learn a few other surefire treatment methods to ensure the healing process is as calming as possible. Knowing how to treat it with lotion, aloe vera, and over-the-counter medicine makes your journey through the healing process much more bearable.

Steps to apply lotion to soothe a sunburn

When a sunburn strikes, there's nothing better than taking a cool shower to help alleviate the pain. You might even opt for a bath if the thought of water hitting the burned area is too much. It's one of the top recommended ways to help treat sunburn, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD). However, you don't just want to step out of the water, towel off, and go. Allow your skin to reap the benefits of that soothing water you just added by applying some moisturizer.

The AAD recommends applying a body lotion containing aloe vera or soy when you get out of the water. It's important to towel off gently, but don't let all the water leave your skin. Instead, apply the moisturizer to damp skin to create a water barrier over your skin and heal the dryness that the flaming heat of the sunburn creates. Adding moisturizer throughout the day is important to keep your skin supple.

For some sunburns, taking multiple baths or showers a day might be the only thing that relieves the heat. Apply the lotion every time you get out to reap the most rewards.

More tips to calm the burning heat of a sunburn

What if you've taken a bath or shower and applied lotion to help soothe the pulsating pain, but your sunburn makes it impossible to get comfortable? In addition to taking baths and adding lotion with aloe vera, a go-to sunburn remedy is straight aloe vera or calamine lotion you've cooled in the refrigerator. The cold, calming cream will make you literally sigh with relief. Over-the-counter pain relievers and applying cold compresses also calm your overheated skin and relieve the throbbing.

Additionally, the Mayo Clinic recommends adding a hydrocortisone cream up to three times a day. Just be sure to avoid benzocaine or similar products since it can worsen the irritation. Applying sunscreen and covering the burned area every time you walk out the door is also essential. This will ensure that you don't accidentally add a new layer of burn over your healing skin. And it's a great preventative measure to ensure you don't spend the rest of your week living the lobster life. Also, if you get blisters after a sunburn, leave them alone.

Like everything else, there's always too much of a good thing — even the sun. When your day on the beach leaves you red and burning, add a lotion with aloe vera to damp skin to help soothe the burn. It's going to make that heat more bearable.