Where Is Boost Oxygen From Shark Tank Season 11 Today?

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If you were watching "Shark Tank" back in 2019, you probably remember season 11 episode 2 when entrepreneur Rob Neuner and his company's chief operating officer, Mike Grice, pitched their all-natural supplemental oxygen product, Boost Oxygen, to the judging panel (via Boost Oxygen). After a sample taste — and a little back-and-forth negotiation, of course — Neuner and Grice secured a million-dollar deal for Boost Oxygen from investor Kevin O'Leary, making it among the top deals ever landed on the show.

The concept behind Boost Oxygen was first conceived during the ten years Neuner spent in the Czech Republic in the business of importing and distributing beer. After noticing that oxygen canisters were being sold to the general public for their energy-boosting effects, Neuner recalled in an interview that it brought back memories of his school days on the football field, where supplemental oxygen was available on the sidelines, yet never directly on the field. He realized that portability was the missing link.

Since then, the Fordham University graduate has built a thriving career combining his passion for creative problem-solving and the great outdoors in the form of Boost Oxygen. Here's what the company has been up to in recent years.

Boost Oxygen pitch highlights

Containing 95% pure oxygen, Neuner walked the Sharks through three simple steps for using the product. He explained that all that's required is to place the mask over the mouth, press down on the trigger, and take a steady inhale lasting a few seconds (via Shark Tank Global). In addition to being user-friendly, one of the major pitch points Neuner and Grice highlighted during their segment was the fact that Boost Oxygen was designed for everyday use, rather than as a medical device. In other words, no prescription necessary. With a company mindset of "Help is Here," the product can service athletes, older adults, hiking enthusiasts, and even those in need of relief from a hangover (via Boost Oxygen).

The other major points they touched on during their pitch were the product's affordability and portability. Easy to grab on the go, Boost Oxygen is available in three different sizes. Customers can choose from a 10-liter canister (approximately 200 inhalations), 5 liters (about 100 inhalations), or 3 liters (roughly 60 inhalations), according to the company's website. Lasting up to five years, Boost Oxygen canisters are made out of recycled materials (per Amazon) and come with a protective seal to keep dirt and bacteria at bay. Even more, to ensure Boost Oxygen is held to the highest standards, the canisters are tested every year by a top-tier gas analysis laboratory.

Life after Shark Tank

In May 2021, Neuner and Grice revisited their "Shark Tank" roots with an update episode where they shared that Boost Oxygen had continued to gain traction in the two years since they struck their deal with Kevin O'Leary. During that time, they were able to start manufacturing in-house, as well as with their manufacturing partners around the country. Not only that, but Boost Oxygen also expanded their staff by three times its size, leading them to relocate to newer, bigger facilities. In just two years, the company grew significantly, both financially and geographically. They were also able to grow their product line and get creative with new labeling designs. This included a festive holiday label incorporating flashy red, green, and white candy cane-like stripes for the winter season.

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when many businesses faced challenges with supply shortages, Boost Oxygen was able to maintain sales and continue to meet their demand. In a behind-the-scenes video of their update episode, Neuner and Grice explained to Kevin O'Leary in an online interview that they emphasized education during the pandemic, addressed consumer questions directly, and highlighted the importance of respiratory health.

What is Boost Oxygen up to now?

Since their 2021 "Shark Tank" update episode, Boost Oxygen has still been booming, and shows no signs of slowing down. In a 2022 interview with John Rush on the "Rush To Reason" podcast, Neuner shared that Boost Oxygen had grown to be the most trusted supplemental oxygen brand sold on the market. Available through more than 12,000 U.S. retailers — including Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Academy, and more (per Boost Oxygen) — it was reported that more than 10 million sales had been made worldwide across 50 countries.

More recently, a June 2023 update from the company revealed that Boost Oxygen had rolled out its latest development. Their "Subscribe to Save" monthly special allows users to do away with the headache of reordering, and instead, receive up to 20% off of the company's four, six, or twelve Boost Oxygen multi-packs delivered on a monthly basis free of shipping fees. It's clear that 2023 proved to be a busy year for Boost Oxygen. Just two months earlier, the company also announced that consumers can now purchase their new, brightly colored canisters in different calming or fruity scents. Labeled as Boost Oxygen Breathe, Revive, or Balance, the new aromas include menthol-eucalyptus, peppermint, or pink grapefruit. Their rosemary-scented Think Tank edition and orange-scented Sport canister are also promoted on Instagram.

Will Boost Oxygen be sticking around?

Also in 2023, Boost Oxygen became the topic of study for Northumbria University researchers who looked into the effects of the company's rosemary-scented supplemental oxygen on mood and cognitive functioning in 20 healthy adults. The study team implemented short-term, memory-recall word exercises and measured participants' states of calm, contentment, and alertness after use of Boost Oxygen products. The rosemary-scented oxygen canisters were linked with a 15% boost in accurate word recall compared to the 9% improvement seen with the non-scented oxygen canisters. Scented or not, these findings suggest that Boost Oxygen may have both physical and mental health benefits to offer.

Based on the last handful of years, it's probably safe to assume that we haven't yet seen the last of Boost Oxygen. While it's not entirely clear what they have up their sleeve next, they remain active on social media, promoting product giveaways, continued media appearances, and various celebrity and ambassador reviews. In addition to offering personalized labeling for weddings, graduations, and more, the company recently partnered with the American Red Cross to provide a custom 12-liter canister made up of 98% pure oxygen. Reaching new creative heights each year, it seems the best is still to come for Boost Oxygen.