Where Is Doc Spartan – Skin Care And Ointment From Shark Tank Season 8 Today?

While many entrepreneurs who take the "Shark Tank" stage often start off their pitch with an introduction or a personal anecdote, co-founder of Doc Spartan Dale King started off his pitch by donning a pair of brightly-colored American flag short shorts (via CNBC Prime). If that's not enough to jog your memory about what went down in this episode, perhaps you'll remember King opening with a particularly memorable quote: "Life is a contact sport and war wounds are a part of the game," the entrepreneur stated passionately.

King and his business partner Renee Wallace explained that they were seeking a $75,000 investment for 15% equity in their company product Doc Spartan's Combat Ready Ointment. The all-natural first-aid topical ointment was designed to enhance the healing of everyday scrapes, nicks, burns, rashes, and more. As a gym owner, King said he knew firsthand how such a product could enhance the lives of athletes, who often suffer cuts or blisters while exercising. However, the ointment could be used far outside the gym walls, he added. Offering some playful examples, the entrepreneurs highlighted how Lori Greiner could have used it to treat nasty curling iron burns or how it would have come in handy for Mr. Wonderful to protect against paper cuts while counting his money.

What happened to Doc Spartan on Shark Tank?

While the short shorts and curling iron jokes were certainly charming, the entrepreneurs then got candidly honest about their connection to the product. King shared that he was a veteran who had served in Iraq. Upon returning to his hometown in Portsmouth, Ohio, he saw how his community had been impacted by the opioid crisis. To support the health of his fellow residents, King turned an abandoned warehouse into a local gym where he met Wallace. As a mother, Wallace stated that she was dedicated to using natural skincare products for herself and her family. Together, Doc Spartan's Combat Ready Ointment was born.

The Sharks then got down to business, asking for the numbers. Wallace said that the company had made $56,000 in less than a year pricing the product at $9.99. In taking a closer look at the ointment, Greiner felt that the marketing strategy wasn't entirely clear. Rather, she described the product packaging, which features a cartoon skull wearing a medical mask, as "a little scary." Oppositely, Robert Herjavec chimed in saying that he was a fan of the rough-and-tough design aesthetic. While the rest of the Sharks felt that Doc Spartan still had a ways to go in honing their brand, Herjavec offered to invest the $75,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company. The entrepreneurs took the deal, but only after Herjavec agreed to King's terms that the first celebratory beer would be on his tab.

How did Doc Spartan fare after Shark Tank?

During a Season 12 "Shark Tank" update, King shared that sales for their Combat Ready Ointment (or C.R.O. for short) had skyrocketed from their initial $56,000 to $1.7 million in just under three years (via CNBC Prime).

Along with their sales, Doc Spartan's mission also continued to grow. Using tactics King had learned during his time in the military, he and Wallace formed a Neighborhood Internal Defense strategy in 2018 to help address the opioid crisis facing their town by offering exercise classes to patients at a local addiction treatment center (via Doc Spartan). But they didn't stop there. The entrepreneurs also incorporated their mission into their hiring practices by offering employment to those in recovery. Herjavec continued to check in with King and Wallace after their time on "Shark Tank." During their update segment, Herjavec noted that developing a company with a strong mission that it stands behind has allowed consumers to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Doc Spartan today

Doc Spartan is still in business today, but its product line now goes well beyond its healing ointment. On its website, you can find a variety of natural deodorants, scrubs, soaps, body washes, serums, moisturizers, sunblock, and more — even beard oil! The company offers products catering to both men and women, as well as pets. Yes, that's right. For $24.99 you can order their bundle package containing Doc Spartan's Pet Aid healing ointment and anti-lick spray (via Doc Spartan). The company continues to remain active on social media.

Neither King nor Wallace show any signs of slowing down either. According to his LinkedIn profile, King created Spartan Solutions Group (SSG) in 2020 to further expand employment opportunities for people in recovery. In 2022, he executive produced a documentary titled "Small Town Strong," which is an official selection at the 2023 Chagrin Documentary Film Festival. Audiences can now pre-order the film for themselves as it is set to be released in early October. King has continued to appear on a number of different podcasts. Wallace has also stayed busy and was a recent speaker at the 2023 Portsmouth event series called The Woman Next to Me

Whatever is next for Doc Spartan, it's clear that King and Wallace will continue to prioritize their local community. In a 2023 interview with Rolling Stone, King stated in closing, "I know hope is real. Portsmouth's all the proof I'll ever need."