What It Means If You Feel Like You Have To Poop During Sex

Having sex can be wonderful. There's intimacy, passion, and longing for another person coupled with the pleasure of an orgasm at the end. But sometimes, things don't always go as planned. 

You only need to go on Reddit to see that pooping when you feel anxious isn't the only thing that can trigger that sudden urge. Apparently, even sex can bring about the feeling of needing to poop, and in some cases, actual poop. And no, it's not a sign that you're unhygienic, nor is it uncommon, according to Allo Health. It is also not something that happens only during anal sex. Vaginal penetration can make someone feel the need to relieve themselves too. If this has happened to you or someone you know, there are a few different reasons why, according to the experts. To start off with, it could simply mean that you just had a very good orgasm. 

Prostaglandins, lipid compounds that are released during orgasm, usually cause your uterus to contract and increase blood flow to your lower region, gynecologist Dr. Diana Hoppe shared with Women's Health. This release can, unfortunately, also make it challenging for you to hold in urine or poop. "This can lead to unwanted loss of urine and or stool," explained Dr. Hoppe. Simple logistics like sex positions and whether or not you're pressing down on your tummy during the act can also contribute toward feeling like you need to use the bathroom during sex. 

Certain medical conditions could be to blame too

Medical reasons like nerve damage (brought on by diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and childbirth), a weakened anal sphincter muscle (the part of the body that controls gas and bowel movements and prevents leakage) and conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, or Crohn's could also cause you to have leakage during sex. Rectocele, a condition where the supportive wall between a woman's rectum and vagina has weakened, can also be the culprit. Some medications, like laxatives that make you poop instantly and anxiety or depression pills, can also cause you to pass stool during sex, added Allo Health. 

Anal sex, which basically stimulates the nerve endings of the anus in a very similar way to when you're actually pooping, can also make someone feel like they're about to defecate, per Healthline. Another possible reason includes having sex with a full bowel. 

Ultimately, it is not a cause for concern if it happens on and off, say the experts. But regularly needing to poop or actually pooping during sex might warrant a visit with your healthcare provider. That being said, possible disease-related reasons aside, is there anything you can be doing to prevent the need to poop during sex? 

How to have sex without feeling the need to poop

The first step is pretty straightforward. Empty your bladder and your bowels, particularly if you've had something heavy to eat earlier in the day or you're experiencing loose stools. It's a wise and simple mechanism to avoid soiling the sheets with something you don't want in your bed during sex. Also, stick to sex positions that don't put a strain on your lower abdomen. 

When it comes to healthy bowel movement, certain lifestyle changes like drinking lots of water, eating sufficient fiber, and exercising can help regulate your stool, consistency and frequency-wise, added Healthline. Beans, broccoli, avocados, whole-grain foods, and nuts are all rich sources of fiber. Kegel exercises to strengthen bladder and stool control can also help. Los Angeles-based urogynecologist Michael Tahery told Women's Health, "[You] can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and anal muscles so you can control the release of stool a little bit better."

With anal sex, lubrication isn't the only concern. You could also spend some time cleaning the area with water, especially if you're worried about any residual fecal matter that might be in your rectum, shared New Jersey-based OB-GYN Dr. Natasha Chinn (via Self). For those who want to be extra careful, an enema is always an option. And if you end up pooping during sex, hard as it might it be, try and laugh it off. Try not to feel embarrassed, because it happens to more people than you think.