We Tried The Naked Sleeping Hack To Fall Asleep In Record Time. Here's How It Went

Whether or not you're a fan of shedding the layers before jumping into bed, you have to admit that the science behind the surprising things that happen when you start sleeping naked is intriguing. From creating more brown fat to actually boost your metabolism and help you shed more weight to vaginal and sperm health, the benefits are plenty, apparently. You might also fall asleep faster, per experts. 

The last reason was why I had to try it. As someone who generally takes about an hour or more to actually drift off to sleep after getting under the covers, I'm always on the hunt for things that might be ruining sleep; maybe my "every day is Christmas"-themed pajamas were the problem. Save for those few rare moments when I "unintentionally" ended up sleeping in the nude, I can firmly say that the habit is only one I've heard celebrities and some of my friends talk praises of. 

The entire "disrobing before bed" ritual felt oddly thrilling. But once I got under the covers, I was hyper aware that I was naked. So I turned to my usual sleep hygiene routine, which involved reading for 15 minutes, to help distract my mind from it (and the thoughts that usually intrude at this hour). Once I was done reading, I closed my eyes and willed the zzzs to arrive. But they didn't. Turns out, I took exactly the same (if not more) time to fall asleep that night. 

How is sleeping in the nude supposed to help you fall asleep faster?

Some experts are of the opinion that being bare-skinned helps your body cool down and work in conjunction with your circadian clock to induce sleep. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology looked at how thermal environment could influence sleep and found that cold exposure was linked with positive benefits in semi-nude subjects. In contrast, slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep — both considered deep stages of sleep — reduced with heat exposure, according to the research. However, there is a need for more specific and conclusive scientific study on the subject.

In my case, the first night's lack of success only fueled me to try the hack for a few more nights that week. While I did get more comfortable with not having clothes on while sleeping, I didn't see a big difference in how quickly sleeping naked took me off to dreamland. Perhaps, this tip is best for someone who is prone to hot flashes or night sweats, like women experiencing menopause, as recommended by board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Jodie Horton (via Well+Good). If you find yourself waking up at night to turn on the AC or if pushing your blanket off of your body to get cool has become a regular exercise to get comfortable, you could try sleeping in the nude. Maybe it'll help you fall asleep faster and even stay asleep for longer.

Here's how you could try sleeping naked

If you're new to the nude-sleeping club, I'd recommend swapping out your sheets and pillowcases for fresh ones and also taking a shower before bed. One of the main concerns with not having any clothing on is bodily secretions (sweat and other fluids), so it's best to start with a clean slate. 

Make sure your bedroom temperature is at a comfortable level and have two types of blankets at the foot of the bed: a warm comforter, perhaps, along with something more light. Even if your body is too hot to fall asleep, having options within reach in case you get cold in the night can help put your mind at ease. Speaking of easing your mind, I'd also recommend having your favorite nightclothes within easy reach. In case you decide halfway through the night that this hack isn't working for you, you can quickly get clothed and get back to bed. Sleeping naked can make your body and mind feel exposed and vulnerable, and this is something that might take time getting used to. 

If you're sleeping with a significant other, I'd also suggest asking them to join you in the nude-sleeping exercise. It's a fun, sensual, and bonding experience to have with your spouse. Skin-to-skin contact with someone you love is known to release the love hormone oxytocin, increase feelings of connectedness, and reduce stress levels. Perhaps that side effect might help you fall asleep faster too. Lastly, I'd recommend trying it out for five nights to a full week. Getting comfortable with something new takes time.