Celebrities That Have The Rarest Eye Features

There's something about the eyes that makes us lean in. Perhaps it's the rarity of the color, a title worn by those with green eyes who make up only 2% of the global population, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). But having green eyes isn't the only rare eye feature a person can possess, and some of our favorite Hollywood stars are a testament to that.

Just look at actor Christopher Walken. Although he has blue eyes, lean in a little closer, and you'll see the "Catch Me If You Can" star has green rings around his pupils, reports Good Housekeeping. Walken shares this unique eye feature with actors Olivia Wilde and Joe Pesci, who also have inner iris rings of a different color from the rest of the eye. Healthline explains that this is known as central heterochromia. While Walken may have green inner rings, people with central heterochromia may alternatively have gold-tinted rings. No matter the color of the rings, however, a person's true eye color is the color that covers the majority of the iris.

Celebs with segmental or complete heterochromia

While central heterochromia involves only the inner rings around the pupils, some people have what's known as segmental heterochromia. While segmental and central heterochromia share some overlap in traits, segmental heterochromia can be more noticeable, as it often appears as a larger splotch on the iris of either one or both eyes (via Healthline). According to Good Housekeeping, "Vampire Academy" film star Dominic Sherwood possesses this rare eye feature, along with actor Bill Pullman, whose stunningly long list of credits includes fan favorites such as "Casper," "Independence Day," and "Spaceballs."

The rarest of the rare, however, is complete heterochromia, which can be found in a mere 6 out of every 10,000 people in the U.S., reports All About Vision. Central heterochromia and segmental heterochromia affect only portions of the iris, but those with complete heterochromia have two eyes of completely different colors. Actress Mila Kunis has a more mild case of this super-duper rare eye feature, but baseball pitcher Max Scherzer's complete heterochromia is clear as day, with one eye a noticeably light blue, almost gray color, and the other a deep, dark brown. Actor Dan Aykroyd told the Daily Mail back in 2013 that he, too, has complete heterochromia and was born with one green eye and one blue eye.

David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor also had two distinct eye features

At first glance, you might think that famed singer-songwriter David Bowie also had some form of heterochromia, as there are marked differences in color between both of his eyes. However, All About Vision explains that this difference is caused by an alternate condition known as anisocoria, in which a person has two different pupil sizes. Upon closer inspection, you'll now see that one of Bowie's pupils is much smaller compared to the other, which would explain why his eyes might initially appear to be two different colors in pictures. Simple anisocoria isn't exactly rare, with about one in every five people reportedly impacted by the condition (via Optometrists Network). In some instances, however, other types of anisocoria can indicate a potentially serious health condition. Thankfully, this was not the case for Bowie, whose anisocoria was instead due to damage from an eye injury.

Perhaps one of Hollywood's most legendary leading ladies, Elizabeth Taylor was thought to possess a uniquely rare eye color: violet. While experts have pointed out that makeup or lighting may have played into the appearance of Taylor's amethyst-colored eyes, LiveScience notes that violet eyes are indeed possible, depending on how much melanin is contained in the iris.