Barre Workouts Can Really Change Your Body. Here's How

If you're looking to shape or tone your body, look no further than barre. Not just for the trendsetters, "A barre workout combines traditional elements of a classical ballet barre workout with Pilates and contemporary leg exercises to offer a low-impact, challenging workout focusing on the lower body," Julie Erickson, owner of Endurance Pilates and Yoga and fitness expert explained to Byrdie. "A barre workout will tone the glutes, hamstrings, and calves creating that long, lean dancer look," she continued. In other words, barre can completely transform your body. Here's how.

"Women see results quickly with barre class," Tanya Becker, co-founder of Physique 57 revealed to Shape. Firstly, it helps you drop the pounds. "Our technique focuses on strengthening the muscles, and muscle tissue burns 15 times as many calories as fat," said Becker. "The stronger you get, the more calories you'll burn 'round the clock." Burr Leonard, fitness expert and founder of The Bar Method, agreed, explaining to Greatist, "We've had students who have lost 100 pounds or more doing The Bar Method, but it's so individual." 

Barre incorporates isometric movements to build muscle without the bulk

Focusing on strength and tone, barre incorporates isometric movements. These movements are less about speed and more about endurance. "Isometric movements help isolate specific muscles," Nicole Bushong, DPT, a former dancer and physical therapist at the Center for Advanced Orthopedics and Advanced Medicine noted to Greatist. "You can do more reps with smaller movements like these, which fatigue your muscles in a different way." In turn, this builds muscle without completely bulking you up.

Barre also places a huge emphasis on the core, which improves posture as well as overall body alignment. "As you use the abdominals to hold the body in a correct alignment, barre classes will give you a heavy core workout — perfect for keeping toned tummies in check," Leah Willoughby, instructor and personal trainer at Ten Health & Fitness, told Byrdie