The First Thing You Should Do When You Wake Up In The Morning

We get it. The early hours of the morning might not be your time to shine. Those first few steps taken after getting out of bed are rough. You've just left the warmth of your covers and are having trouble focusing with sleepy eyes, and the mental to-do list has already started fighting its way into your foggy mind. 

The desire for a hit of caffeine or a refreshing shower may seem like the best actions to take at the moment, but try drinking some water first to help start your body's waking up process. Namni Goel, Ph.D., a research associate professor in psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine, shares with NBC, "The morning is a critical time that can set the tone for the entire day." Drinking a glass or two of water right after waking up has multiple benefits that will help our bodies carry out the rest of our day.

Drinking water helps activate important functions of the body

According to Daily Healthy Body, drinking water in the morning helps with distributing nutrients. Your body may be dehydrated after sleeping, and drinking water will not only help with hydration, it also helps carry oxygen and essential nutrients to different cells. Think of it as like a Slip n' Slide delivery service to all parts of the body. 

Drinking water first thing will also help cleanse the colon. Having a clean colon means it is more likely to have free-flowing bowel movements. This helps in flushing out toxins from the body and avoiding uncomfortable constipation.

Drinking water in the early hours not only helps with what goes out, but it also helps with what comes in. Healthline explains that drinking enough H2O will help with the body's digestion process. Drinking water before eating our first meal of the day will help the body break down the foods more easily. It can also help in absorbing the nutrients and vitamins we take in at breakfast.

Now that we know much drinking water first thing can help our bodies wake up, we plan on moving it to the very top of our to-do list.