Surprising Physical Traits In Women That Are Irresistible To Men

While looks aren't everything, physical characteristics have an awful lot to do with initial attraction. In fact, men are able to make assumptions about a woman's personality within 100 milliseconds of looking at her, according to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2014. It isn't all about who's pretty and who's "not," though. "Physical attractiveness may serve as a gatekeeper directing us toward partners who are healthy, age appropriate, and able to reproduce," Psychology Today explained.

It's no secret that many women spend a good amount of time getting ready before they go out. Many would be interested to know, however, that there are some surprising ways women can immediately draw a man over to them. It's all based on science, too. And — spoiler — it has a lot to do with evolution. Need more info? Health Digest is letting you in on a few surprising physical traits in women that are absolutely irresistible to men.

Most men prefer a more natural look

While many women are busy getting all glammed up for date night, it turns out that men really don't care much for the makeup. According to a study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2014, most men like a lot less makeup than ladies are putting on.

Researchers showed men multiple images of each step in a woman's makeup process — and the results were a bit surprising. On average, men were attracted most to the women who'd only put on a portion of the makeup they were planning to apply during their date night routine. "These results suggest that women are likely wearing cosmetics to appeal to the mistaken preferences of others," the study concluded. It looks like we can all take a break from the lip liner after all!

Actor Adrian Grenier, who works in an industry full of made-up women, seems to sum it up best. "If you don't exude beauty from within, no amount of makeup will be able to cover that up," he told Shape.

Women with higher voices can be irresistible to men

Sure, a woman's smooth talk may be on point, but the sound of her voice could be affecting her dating game — for better or for worse. Surprisingly, a study published in PLOS ONE in 2013 found that men were attracted to a particular pitch. Many of them preferred a fairly high pitch with lots of breath and longer vowel sounds. It sounds pretty specific, right?

Higher voices, however, are usually associated with a smaller body type and higher levels of estrogen. From a biological standpoint, this is essential when it comes to a man searching for a healthy, fertile mate. Funnily enough, a separate study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B in 2018 found that women lower their voices when they're attracted to someone (via

In addition to all that, men are more attracted to voices that sound the same as their own regional dialect. A 2014 study published in PLOS ONE proved this to be the case. However, researchers found that an attractive voice goes far beyond successfully scoring a date. "Physically attractive people are judged to be more socially desirable and to get better jobs," the study stated.

Men are drawn to women wearing red

When getting ready for a night out, many women would benefit from knowing the science behind the color red. Not only is it a fiery statement when it comes to looking stylish, but men find this shade irresistible.

A study conducted by the University of Rochester in 2008 put this phenomenon to the test. Researchers showed men multiple images of women wearing different colors. In the end, most of the men said they would be willing to spend more on a date with a lady in red. Interestingly, it was completely subconscious, as the same exact woman was also shown to the men, only wearing a different colored tee.

"It's fascinating to find that something as ubiquitous as color can be having an effect on our behavior without our awareness," Andrew Elliot, a psychology professor and researcher who helped conduct the study, told the university. It now makes sense why Valentine's Day has become synonymous with a rich shade of red.

The surprising bust size men are attracted to

Women have always been told that big breasts make them attractive. Many are even willing to go under the knife for a bigger bust. In 2019, breast enhancement was the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. While a big bust can symbolize good health from a biological standpoint, many men aren't actually all that attracted to a woman so well endowed. Surprisingly, the cup size that men find irresistible has a lot to do with the size of their wallets.

A 2013 study published in PLOS ONE had men of various social statuses rank women based on their breasts — all in the name of science. Researchers then concluded that the less money a man made, the larger he preferred a woman's bust to be.

One possible explanation could be that women with larger-sized breasts are perceived to have access to more resources. Therefore, these women have easier access to basic necessities like food or even extra money. Whatever the case may be, smaller-chested women — who have often been made to feel less adequate than larger-chested women– can now feel better knowing that a wealthy man may soon be coming their way.

Most men find shiny teeth irresistible

Taking care of our teeth is something that's been ingrained in our brains since we were kids. If you're a woman who's been brushing and flossing your chompers religiously all these years, it's about to pay off. Shiny, white teeth are a surprising trait that's actually irresistible to men. Yes, pearly whites can be likened to a peacock's tail. It's something we all will want to flaunt since it's a sign of good genes and a healthy diet. On the other hand, our teeth can also be an indication of present illnesses.  

A study published in PLOS ONE in 2012 showed men images of women's teeth in various colors. Yellow had them saying yuck while a smile with widely spaced teeth was also a big turn-off. Even while white teeth were the ones rated most attractive by men, super shiny ones that were achieved with bleach weren't rated to be as attractive. A naturally healthy smile was the stunner for most men.

Facial symmetry is a surprising trait men find irresistible

It's no secret that many women will do whatever it takes to look their best — whether that involves caking on the concealer or spending forever on a perfect cat eye. However, there's still something to be said about natural beauty. A surprisingly simple trait that men are attracted to is, believe it or not, facial symmetry.

"The symmetry indicates good health in an individual," researchers from Penn State University stated. However, over time, aging and illness can cause our faces to look not so symmetrical. From a biological standpoint, men are looking for women who are healthy and can help create healthy babies.

Multiple studies have even shown that species with symmetrical faces — and even bodies — have offspring that are better off. Because of that, it only makes sense that men would subconsciously find symmetry irresistible. Men (okay, and women) are animals, after all!

Most men love a woman with large eyes

Women have long been admired for being "dainty," but who knew the not-so-dainty size of their eyes could be irresistible to men? Yes, it turns out that the bigger they are, the better they are — at least to a guy.

Similar to a baby's big eyes, they "call out help me, protect me, I'm no threat to you," Caroline Keating, an expert in non-verbal communication from Colgate University, explained to BBC Future. Since men usually tend to be the protectors, this makes sense. In addition to that, big eyes signify youthfulness, something men are biologically drawn to when searching for a mate.

However, if you're a woman who's now worried about your small eyes, don't fret. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2014 found that although large eyes are more attractive, small eyes paired with a big smile could cause a woman to look equally as attractive. "Many of the features that influence predicted ratings in our model are changeable features of the face — related to expression, pose, lighting, camera position, and so on," researcher Tom Hartley told Today.

Surprisingly, men are more attracted to thick, bushy eyebrows

Ladies, it turns out that we may be spending way too long plucking our eyebrows. Thank God. Surprisingly, men are more attracted to big, bushy brows. A study published in Frontiers in Psychology in 2018 asked 1,000 men to rank images of women's faces. While these guys didn't realize they were ranking eyebrows of all things, the ladies who threw out their tweezers were the ones who most men found irresistible.

One explanation for this could be that men are more in tune to fashion than we originally thought. Big brows have been more in style in recent years. "Whatever the associated trait, it seems to be particularly desirable in a long-term mating context, such as marriage," researcher Dr. Lisa Welling told The Sun. If you're a woman who's on the search for wedding bells, it may be best to stop plucking your brows.

A woman is more attractive to a man if she has an upright and open posture

If you're a lady looking for love, there are a lot of choices you can make when it comes to your physical appearance. Of course, they're all entirely optional. Nevertheless, you may find that straightening and opening up your posture does wonders. Not only can it improve your health, but it can also signify that you're open to love and make men find you much more attractive.

A lot of times, many of us only have one shot to make the best first impression. The way you look while you're standing across the room can make or break snatching up a date. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2016 proved just that. During a round of speed dating, the women who were displaying an open posture were more likely to appear attractive. The ones with their arms crossed made them look much more closed off, and men seemed to really take notice. After all, you definitely don't want your date to appear disinterested!

Most men are attracted to a certain shade of hair

Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes are the ones that many men find irresistible. At least, this is what social network Badoo found to be the case when they asked their male users about it. "Magazines are full of skinny blonde models, so it is nice to see that in reality guys prefer the girl next door look," Lloyd Price from the network said. There's even some science behind it too.

According to a study published in The Journal of Social Psychology in 2018, super dark hair makes women appear as though they have aged much more quickly. Researchers suggested that lighter shades, including brown, signified youthfulness, which can also mean these women are healthier. "Characteristics directly related to reproductive potential may be inferred from more obvious indirect characteristics," the study explained. That seems to be a recurring theme in what men are attracted to, doesn't it?

Most men find long arms irresistible

Instead of batting your long lashes, maybe you should flaunt your ... long arms? Surprisingly, many men find lengthy arms irresistible. Models strut them down the runway along with their tall, slender figures, so it does make sense.

One study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology in 2010 found this to be the case in various countries. Long arms paired with a tall figure were what men seemed to prefer most when shown multiple images of different women. What may shock many women is the fact that the length of their legs had absolutely no impact on their level of attractiveness.

"The dimensions of someone's body can tell observers if that person is suitable as a potential [mate]," lead author of the study, Robert Brooks, told Science Daily. Additionally, a separate study published in The Journal of Applied Psychology found that taller women, on average, make more money (via Everyday Health). Who knew your height could be so powerful?

Men are more attracted to a woman who's in a group

We all know that a great wingwoman can help you score a date, but who knew that a whole group of them could have the power to make you even more attractive? A study published in Psychological Science in 2013 found that whatever size group a woman is a part of, she's seen as much more attractive by men. How could this possibly be?

Researchers suggested that each face in the group looks more attractive as they collectively create a new look. So even if a woman is self-conscious that her friends look a lot more attractive than her — it happens more often than many of us care to admit — these researchers' theory can put their worries at ease. Regardless of what you look like, "having a few wingmen or wingwomen may indeed be a good dating strategy," the study concluded. Ah, science.

Most men aren't attracted to super skinny women like you may have thought

The media has made many of us believe that women need to be super skinny in order to be irresistible. However, when the social media network Badoo surveyed 2,000 men, they found that skinny is surprisingly not what many find the most attractive.

Nearly 40 percent of men surveyed said they preferred women who wear a size 12 to 14. Over 25 percent said that a size 14 to 18 was sexiest. To put that all into perspective, the average American woman is a size 16 to 18, according to a study published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education in 2016. It seems that men are finally putting reality into perspective when looking for their potential lovers. While supermodels and the media may make women feel like they need to lose weight, ladies can now rest easy. The woman of most men's dreams is actually very realistic-looking.

Men are more likely to be attracted to a woman who mimics their actions

"In the basic landscape of any relationship, we're drawn to the feeling of being in sync," body language expert Tonya Reiman told Brides. And as it happens, men prefer women who mimic their actions. Yes, imitation is an easy way for a woman to intentionally make herself irresistible.

When men see someone behaving in a similar way to themselves, it releases various chemicals in the brain that are known to make a person feel loved. When they're in a relationship, these chemicals have also been known to make the pair feel closer together and have a stronger bond. Over time, men and women in relationships begin to mirror each other without even knowing it.

"If you and your partner are holding hands and walking down the street, you are most likely walking on the same foot at the same speed," Reiman said. It's something to watch for the next time you're searching for a potential suitor. Whether women do it intentionally or not, it's irresistible to men.